To ban all over the world: 18 stunning laws around the world. Just absurd!

Complain and criticize their government? Negoduesh condemn and to learn about new laws? You think only of your country, the government comes up with laws not men? We will dispel your illusions! Here's a list of some bizarre bans, which at one time or another took power in different countries. Absurd is no limit!

1. Burundi: do not run, Forrest, do not run! B>

Do you think that running - is useful and necessary activity that improves the condition of the body, much less able to do harm? But the Government of Burundi has a slightly different opinion: with March 2014 by President Pierre Nkurunziza issued a decree to ban the group jogging! It is believed that this sport used by many as a cover for subversive activities. What did not invent, to plant behind bars a few opposition leaders who displease.

2. Turkmenistan: the only talent and charisma. B>

If, once in Turkmenistan, you suddenly want to sing, you have this will be done without the use of any track. It started back in 2005, when President Saparmurat Niyazov has banned the singing to the soundtrack, and all in order to preserve the "true culture". That's why many of our pop stars do not go on tour to Turkmenistan.

3. China want reincarnation - ask the government! B>

Every day, complain about the government? But in China, even leave the light and can reincarnate ... only with the permission of the authorities! This law is valid in the country for ten years, and is aimed primarily to ensure that religious groups have agreed to the appearance of new Buddha with the government.

4. Romania: think, what to play. B>

Do you like at your leisure play board games? But in the last century, Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu banned now such a popular game like "Scrabble", announcing its anti-government and harmful. Fortunately, the days of dictators and stupid laws behind, in fact, today, in Romania there is even a federation of "Scrabble", which regularly organizes various tournaments.

5. USA: the forbidden treat. B>

Every child in the world loves a sweet as chocolate eggs "Kinder Surprise". It's hard to believe, but the children of the US are not even aware of such a delicacy, and all because the country is forbidden to inedible elements are in edible because of the danger of falling into the respiratory track. But, as in any other country, there are always those who want to overstep the line of the law: a few people have already been arrested for attempting to smuggle forbidden egg from Canada across the US border.

6. Iran: tradition against the old trends. B>

Today, men pay attention to their appearance and style no less than the fairer sex. But the men in the Arab world should not even think about extravagant hairstyles. Ever since 2010, the Iranian government issued a law which clearly lists valid men's hairstyles. The "pony tail", "fish tail" and too spiky hair is strictly prohibited.

7. Singapore not to chew and not want. B>

Strange but true: in Singapore in 1992, someone in some unknown way with the help of chewing gum has paralyzed the entire system of street traffic. Since then, the people of this country can forget about this product, like chewing gum - it is forbidden by law! And the main paradox is that, theoretically, you have every right to chew it, but you can not sell and import. An exception exists only for those who have a medical prescription for the use of chewing gum.

8. India: alcohol does not require advertising. B>

The Government of India, like many Asian countries very carefully refers to the laws that relate to health. Thus, since the late 90's in India has prohibited any advertising of alcoholic beverages, and violators will face serious punishment. Moreover, advertising is strictly prohibited, even by-products with the symbols of alcoholic products or products containing at least a proportion of alcohol.

9. France: Red Bull gives wings are not. B>

Europe is also not lagging behind in the adoption of a rather strange laws. So, until 2008 in France were banned popular energy drink brand Red Bull. And all because of the hazardous chemicals in their composition. In order not to lose a good share of consumer beverage producers finally had to slightly change the recipe.

10. China: no time travel! B>

In China, among other things, prohibited time travel, more movies and shows about time travel. The Government believes that the time and the story - it's too serious thing to joke with them or control them, so they change unacceptable, even in the movies. And then suddenly someone nafantaziruet himself too much!

11. South Africa: President's House photos. B>

Not so long ago a strange law of the differences and the South African government decided to ban on pictures of the house of President Jacob Zuma. Naturally, many editions did not obey this prohibition, print pictures, for which he paid considerable fines.

12. North Korea jeans - fight! B>

If someone once did want to visit North Korea will have to pay attention even to his wardrobe: blue and blue denim products that are associated with the United States and from all over western culture, is strictly forbidden! But black jeans are legitimate.

13. Monte Carlo Roulette for foreigners. B>

Despite the fact that the famous Monte Carlo Casino is a symbol of Monaco, you will never see any of it local. And all because they are not admitted to the law, which was passed back in 1860 by Prince Charles III. He feared that the inhabitants of the principality simply lost all their savings in the casino. Nevertheless, the foreign law does not apply.

14. UK: you only live! B>

Conservative British also kept pace with the times in making stupid laws. Thus, the death of the House of Commons and House of Lords ... technically prohibited. The fact is that anyone who dies in automatically granted the right to a state funeral. It is not known what will happen to the perpetrators, but it is obvious that the government of Albion just does not want to deal with numerous public embezzlement.

15. Germany: tuck in full. B>

While in Germany, never forget to fill your car: here there is a penalty in case the car suddenly runs out of fuel on the motorway. It seems to be: one has only to walk to a nearby gas station. And there it was, because it is also prohibited by law!

16. Thailand: bad movies. B>

The famous historical film "Anna and the King" in 1999, where the main role played by Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-fat, you will not find anywhere else in the office in Thailand. Local kinotsenzory say that the movie is insulting to the royal family, besides completely distorts the history of the whole country.

17. South Korea Down dependency. B>

The passion for gambling and computer games are increasingly referred to as "the plague of the 21st century." In South Korea, authorities have decided to deal with this problem, and in 2011 a special law. He forbade all adolescents under 16 years old to play computer games from midnight to 6 am. But more recently, the authorities still decided to be lenient: in response to numerous requests parental ban was lifted.

18. Japan: do not dance until the young. B>

The youth of today do not imagine his life without going to the nightclubs. But not in Japan, where in 1948 a law was passed banning dancing in public places. Dance in the "Land of the Rising Sun" is possible only in specially licensed institutions strictly before midnight. Now the government is considering the abolition of the law on the eve of the Olympic Games 2020.

Still think that the laws of your state illogical? But each country has its own quirks and strange rules. Share these absurd prohibitions with friends, even a little too poudivlyayutsya!

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