Useful barley flour — essential for baking cakes and breads!

Barley flour is a wholemeal barley grain. Barley is quite famous and ancient cereal culture. The Bible mentions barley that was grown in harsh climatic conditions of Palestine. Unlike wheat, which is a capricious plant, barley can grow even in drought conditions.

Barley flour used for making rough poor bread, because poor people could not afford white bread, because wheat was worth its weight in gold. By the way, the Gingerbread man is not just a fictional fairytale hero that is the real dish of Russian national cuisine, which was baked from barley flour.

Properties of barley flour:

Barley flour is more coarse and contains a large number of bran, the flour color is gray-white.Barley flour is considered an essential for baking cakes and bread. Chemical composition of barley flour resembles rye flour, but has its own specifics. Your special tart taste of barley bread acquires due to the high content of fiber. In the water absorption ability of barley flour is superior to wheat and rye flour.


Barley flour is a source of vitamin A, vitamins of group B. the Feature of barley is its high content of beta-glucan, has the property to lower "bad" cholesterol. Barley flour contains very high amounts of vitamins PP and B and phosphorus. Because of this it stimulates the brain, maintains the tone during strenuous exercise, regulates the appetite, slows the aging of cells.
In barley grain contains proteins up to 15.8 %, carbohydrates – up to 76%, fat – up to 3.5: fiber – up to 9.6%.

Meals based on barley flour is particularly useful for the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Dishes with barley flour traditionally included in the diet in the treatment of diabetes and controlling the excessive weight. Recommended for eyesight, kidney disease, liver, gall bladder, urinary tract, hemorrhoids, with gastrointestinal diseases. Ease the pain of arthritis. A poultice of barley flour is applied to the tumors and the sore places. Barley flour contains organic acids, dietary fiber, microelements.

Features of use:

In barley flour with little gluten, so it is recommended for the preparation of the test mix barley flour with wheat (2/3 barley flour and 1/3 wheat flour). Appearance and taste of the baking depends on the quality of barley flour. From 100% barley flour can make pancakes, cakes and biscuits.

If you want to bake the right bun barley, pay attention to the flour. Barley flour should be gray-white color, crumbly texture, good swell. Flour has no taste or smell. If you try barley flour, and it tastes bitter or sour — it says that the flour has corrupted and don't try to make it a dough.

If the opposite is true, and barley flour sweet taste, this flour made from sprouted grain rested. From a sensible flour baking will not work. The dough will not swell, and the finished pastry will settle. Not to throw away spoiled flour and not spend the money to buy new, keep not tricky rules of storage. Barley flour should be stored in tightly closed containers, in a dry and dark place.

Before cooking the dough of flour put in a warm room and screened to remove foreign objects and lumps. At the same time the flour is enriched with oxygen, whereby the dough rises better. published


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