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With age, the body zakislate Noticed that after 40 years the person reduces the intensity of basal metabolism, and the appetite remains the same. If the person is not busy with interesting work or does not "burn" in love, the appetite becomes more even and the body weight is growing rapidly.

Under stress the person is triggered to the ancient reflex — seizing anguish.


The main exchange ("stove") is the burning of food in the "fire" of oxygen. Food are proteins, fats, carbohydrates ("fuel"). The body gets from food energy in the form of electrons, which are accumulated in ATP (heat and power). And as slags or ashes at the output we get a variety of organic acids (uric, acetic, lactic, carbonic, ammonia, free radicals) is non-completely oxidized products. With age the percentage is rising.

Conclusion: with aging comes a General acidification of the body's organic salts. The acidity of your blood stays the same, but the acidity of tissue increases, and the organism spends its energy on addressing this outrage.

The excess of organic salts deposited in those tissues, where reduced blood circulation. First of all, it is the cartilage of the major joints (feet hurt all the elderly), lens and kidney.

For example, if excessive intake of mineral salts in the kidney the stones are formed. Observed metabolic syndrome (elevated levels of sugars, lipids, cholesterol, uric acid...).

 Painful the "great Trinity"in violation of metabolism occurs the "great Trinity" of disease.

The first group:

  • hypertension,
  • heart disease,
  • diseases of the retina.

The threat of stroke, heart attack, retinal detachment.

The second group:

  • type II diabetes (all after the age of 45 should get tested for gluco-hemoglobin, only this analysis is accurate for diabetes).

The third group:

  • obesity,
  • diseases of locomotor apparatus.

With good (children) organic acids decay further to simple substances – carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide easily as a gas, is excreted through the lungs.

The accumulation of uric acid, for example, there is gout.

Treatment of pain of the feet - hard and uneven, because not removing the cause of the acidification of the body.

How to remove this constant acid load on the body (in other words, to strengthen the rod furnace and to reduce the formation of ash) People are trying to improve the quality of the firewood - salt-free diet, separate food, veganism, etc. It helps to a certain age.

Very old people even sour smell, unlike babies that smell sweet.

It all depends on the purity of the burning inner flame, which is called the General metabolism.


Alkalization through the skinAny organic acid neutralizes alkali, such as soda, with the formation of neutral salts.

When excess salt increases atherosclerosis and growth of kidney stones.

Now increasing scope gaining the adherence of soda.

I propose that alkalization of the body through the skin.

During the night a person accumulates a lot of stagnant acidic products, because I recommend every morning after a shower to RUB the body soap.

Particular business as it has maximum alkalizing effect. Ions of alkali hydroxyl group (-OH) are easily absorbed through the skin into the blood in sufficient quantity. The body itself regulates the amount of these healing ions. Moist skin permeable. Lather needs fully, especially the head, groin and armpits.

Standing in the bathroom, we squeeze the hand movements do self-massage of the body from the center to the periphery. The back is always hard rubs a towel with soap and water. After five minutes of massage, you can rinse with cool water and lightly coat the body, face honey.

Women with delicate skin can use baby soap, but the effect will be much weaker.

From my point of view, age-related brain disease (dementia) occur due to the stagnant metabolic disorders in the head. Then comes a cascade of biochemical changes in the neurons of the brain.

This technique is good because there is no ingestion of baking soda inside, and there is no violent reaction in the stomach between the baking soda and hydrochloric acid. Not produced a lot of mineral salts, which are absorbed into the blood and may increase atherosclerosis.

The procedure should be done in the same time in the morning – the body will tune in, you'll get a positive reaction will be more vivid.

The pure wells or boiled water is welcome.

After this procedure, with soap and compulsory shower walk in the fresh air. It would be good to draw back on a beautiful tree - "fresh legs" into the ground.

Make Wellness a soft gymnastics.

The body "goes" and will rise, you will want to live and love.published

Author: Vladimir bolsun, neurologist

The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.

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