How to cure Candida by natural methods

In naturopathy, any illness is seen as a state of the whole organism, need to treat not just the disease, and to approach the problem as a whole, studying all human problems.

The problem should be sought not only in human nutrition, is often deep psychological trauma (often people are not even aware of their problems). I managed to get rid of candidiasis for a month and a half without medication, so maybe my experience will be useful to you.


Psychosomatic causesCandidiasis is often found in people that are very frustrated, angry and unsatisfied with their personal and professional life. Because these people don't trust anyone, it are often very demanding in relationships with others. They seek only to receive without giving anything in return. Sometime in the past they realized they can't trust the closest people. Perhaps a faithful friend did not meet expectations. Now these people can't trust themselves.

You must remember his childhood, to work with the “inner child”, to understand yourself, begin to learn yourself.

Candidiasis is a state of inner imbalance, not a microbial infection or disease. The causative agent of the candidiasis are a range of yeast, usually found in the gastrointestinal tract, genital and urinary tract. In General, these strains are harmless, but with reduced immunity, they are able to multiply rapidly, feeding on sugars and carbohydrates. They emit toxins into the blood that have problems with far-reaching consequences. Fatigue and stress aggravate the condition of the body, which is already unbalanced. I highly recommend you read the book “healthy Healing methods”, written by a doctor-a naturopathic physician Linda Rector-page.


FoodNinety three million eight hundred fifty thousand six hundred thirty three

For the treatment of candidiasis nutritionists recommend two months to completely abandon the consumption:

  • sugar and its artificial substitutes,
  • breads,
  • yeast and dairy products,
  • fruits',
  • tea and coffee,
  • vinegar and tobacco.

The list for raw foodists, of course, another.

  • Fruit can and should be there, just not to mix them with nuts,
  • can't drink coffee and tea with sugar, even if it is coconut sugar or honey,
  • you can't eat any yeast products.

Raw foodists who occasionally eat a loaf of bread, very risk to grow candidiasis, they have just the perfect breeding ground for them as the diet of raw foodists are fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs and vegetables.

Eliminate two months:

  • honey and other natural syrups,
  • do not drink the mixture of fruits and nuts (including raw sweets),
  • try to eat more greens and drinking green juices.

Usually it takes one month to get rid of candidiasis and restore the immune system.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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