A yeast infection is not a death sentence!

Thrush – fairly common disease in women. Thrush (vaginal candidiasis) is an inflammation of the vagina and vulva that appears due to destruction of the mucous membrane by the fungus Candida. About 75% of all women at least once in their life have suffered this disease. Some women have a predisposition to the yeast infection – usually the disease appears in them repeatedly.

Fungus is a life form that is still little studied by researchers. Today, the fungus is one of the largest classes of living organisms, and scientists are constantly finding new representatives of the fungus. Few people know that some fungi are always on our body – and that's fine.

A yeast infection in women is one of the most common diseases. Fungi of other species can affect the nails and hair and also in men. But the fungus Candida affects only women. Especially often candidiasis ill, pregnant, less likely to suffer women who are in menopause. The most common causes of yeast infection lie in the existing system and chronic diseases. As source may serve as menstrual disorders, helminthic infection, and intestinal dysbiosis. In addition, candidiasis often occurs in girls in puberty and pregnant women.

One of the main causes of yeast infection is lowered immunity. So very often this disease occurs after the woman had a cold, stress, long time did not sleep well, even if it is a long period of time was in the wet swimsuit. Often candidiasis occurs when taking hormonal contraceptives, antibiotics or strong drugs for headaches. If you run a candidiasis, the result can be very unpleasant consequences in the form of lesions of the bowel and bladder. If candidiasis appeared during pregnancy, the consequence may damage the fetus.

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