How to increase the number of fruit buds on Apple and pear

Short of immature twigs with fruit buds are called produktami.In Apple and pears (but not stone) their number can be increased in a timely manner shortening certain shoots.

So, on the third or fourth year of our formation, when we are bent back in different directions the required number of branches and no longer need, begin to remove unnecessary.

It is best to do this in early summer when new shoots are still young and soft. Look, from growing new shoots.

Everything that grows from the middle of the fork, pull out, cut or cut down "on the ring": we have received a beautiful crown, us excessive segmenst to nothing. But if the new vertical shoots increased at once bent to the side lateral branches can engage in the formation of podushek. Each vertical escape of this type should be clipped so that there is a short twig with two leaves from the base.

In 2-4 weeks these shoots will grow back, and again you will need to shorten, leaving only one leaf from the second wave of growth.

Such a "haircut" will have to spend again, and then again, as long as the shoot apex of young leaves is not formed thick kidney. Yes, the pruning process in this case is stretched on all summer, but it is not as time consuming as it seems. And the result will not keep itself waiting — the next spring each cropped escape bloom. Now the tree will bend itself under the weight of the fruit.

Our main goal as gardeners, will be the removal of dead branches, thinning the crown and, eventually, replacing old branches with new.Note:the formation of the trees bending is not suitable for the columnar Apple trees, peaches and spray varieties of the cherry. We wish you success and bigger yields! published


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