Periodically, Life gives us a chance

Periodically Life throws us a particular chance: behold, they say, the train stops, and there — man, the one that we (we think) has been looking for all my life, and I wonder and want, and direct energy to spare. But the final decision remains a maximum of 10 minutes.

And then in the head a lot of arguments saying that and suddenly not with me... what about the other... and this is the real freedom is to choose one or the other (or one)... and suddenly everything goes wrong, as in the beginning... and if it's not real love... and if money is not enough... and if you get thrown out of the train at full speed...


Meanwhile, you wait and see, like, like, so come on... and you have a fear of loss of self, loss of something important in life.

And three minutes before departure remains... half a minute... the Train started, but you can still jump on a slow course...

No, wait, wait, this is crazy...

Train with "the man", meanwhile, gathered momentum, the last car flashed on the horizon.

— Oh, it will be something of nostalgia: a chance lost in life — thinking people and quietly returns to the metro.

It is noticed that the portal of possibility (chance) opens only for a short time, and if the person is undecided and doesn't use it under the pretext that it is necessary to weigh everything to come up (too) wise, the chance goes up, doors close and have to wait for the next one.

And so (many) passes whole life.

We have become too prudent, too reasonable, forgetting that a new phase of life opens up beyond the usual for our crazy ways of living.published

©Abbot Evmenii Peristyi.S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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