She was ugly...

You know, when he came to us for the first time, I almost suffocated with his beauty. This beauty just does not happen, I thought. I was 14. My grandmother was then 65. She also said — he is God. Don't know where he met him father, but he began to appear in our house on a regular basis. With his father they then copied some music then just the music laid out on a plate of sandwiches and sipping vodka. While they were having conversations, laughter, jokes. He was not only handsome as a God, but still charming.

When he came I had to cancel all their parties with friends. What could be the movie, when the house itself...
He was a military pilot. Once he even came to form. It was all in vain, because for me, of a girl of fourteen, it was too much. And it became my dream by night.

But it wasn't even puppy love. Love is to man, and he is God.

And once it happened — he invited parents to visit. I asked for it or so I think, without humiliation and crawling on his knees — I don't remember. But the fact that I took it and was looking forward to meeting his wife. What she must be beautiful, I thought, going then with his parents to him if he, God drew attention to it.

I can't describe what I felt when she opened the door. Only say that if I whacked a hammer on the head, I would be upset and disappointed in the world less.

She was ugly. Exactly. And not an ounce of makeup on my face. Grey, blond, colorless... the mouse.

Confused I went into the house with the feeling that my world turned upside down that I am now a 14 year-old girl with a broken psyche. And if there's any injustice here it is in front of me.

Then we sat down at the table and the woman began to speak.

She was a PhD in biology, she was very interesting person, I was sitting at the table with his mouth open and caught every word of it. And then I caught myself thinking that I stopped to see that she is not beautiful.

And then I looked at it and it seemed to me that he, too, is not so beautiful and they caught up and are well suited to each other. And I had gone there with the feeling that, in General, everything is logical and understandable.

He several times came to our house, and then they went to Russia. The military pilot, perhaps it just transferred to another place of service.

And many years later I learned that he had a stroke. He was paralyzed and his wife turned to him and arms and legs and a nurse and a mom. She replaced his whole world.And that she loves him and does not throw.

I don't know what it is, a handsome man, the likes of which I never saw in life, saw the gray girl, when he decided to marry her. Mind? Possible. I think she was smart without being a PhD in biology. Charisma? Possible. I guess in her youth she could have it.

We don't know why God gives us life and how we snatch they eye from the crowd. What draws us to each other? It's a mystery.

But I often remember him, think he's in the crowd, seeing this homely girl, saw it as their base and rear. And I was right. published


Author: Pachman Of Pachmann

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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