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Once two sailors went on a journey around the world to find their destiny.

They had sailed to an island where the leader of one of the tribes had two daughters. Older — beauty and the younger not very...

One of the sailors said to his friend:

All, I have found my happiness, stay here and marry the daughter of the leader.


— Yes, you're right, the eldest daughter of chief — the beautiful, smart. You made the right choice — marry.

— You did not understand me, friend! I'm going to marry the youngest daughter of the leader.

— What are you, crazy? She's so... not really.

— It's my decision, and I'll do it.

Each swam on in search of his happiness, and the groom went a-Courtin. I must say that the tribe was made to give the bride price with cows. A good bride was worth ten cows.

Drove it ten cows and walked up to the leader.

— Chief, I want to get married your daughter and give her ten cows!

Is a good choice. My older daughter is a beautiful, smart, and she's worth ten cows. I agree.

— No, chief, you do not understand. I want to marry your youngest daughter.

— Are you kidding me? Don't you see, she's so... not really.

— I want to marry it.

— Well, but, as an honest man, I can't take ten cows, it's not worth it. I take it for three cows, not more.

— No, I want to pay you exactly ten cows.


They got married.

Several years passed, and the wandering one, on his ship, decided to visit the remaining friend and see how he's doing.

Sailed, is on the shore and meet the woman of unearthly beauty.

He asked her how to find his friend. She showed. Comes in and sees his friend sitting around the kids running around.

— How to live?

— I'm happy.

In walks the most beautiful woman.

— Here is the, meet. This is my wife.

— How? Are you married again?

— No, it's the same woman.

But as it happened, she changed so much?

— And you ask her yourself.

Was approached by a friend to the woman and asks:

— Sorry for my ignorance, but I remember how you were... not very. What happened that you became so beautiful?

Just one day I realized that I was standing ten cows.published


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