5 things you should not do immediately after eating

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Many of us live in conditions of constant shortage of time, and it can not affect our daily routine. In order to have time to work, we quickly wash down a Breakfast of tea and run to the shower — harmless at first glance, things.

The website decided to find out what not hurry after a meal and why.


When we take a shower or bath, our body temperature increases slightly, and to resist, the body sends to the skin a little more blood than usual. This can disrupt the digestive process and slow down the absorption of food.

Ideally, start water treatment is 30 minutes after a meal.

Drinking tea

A Cup of hot tea after a meal for some is an integral part of the meal. But studies show that this harmless drink prevents the absorption of iron — a trace mineral which plays a very important role in the human body. So within one hour after eating, from drinking tea should refrain people suffering from iron deficiency, children and pregnant women.

Adults better to drink a Cup of coffee, which, on the contrary, it is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach, or just a glass of water.


The myth that eating before bedtime is a direct cause of the formation of excess weight has long been dispelled. But to deny the rest of the damage is not worth it. Sleep on a full stomach causes a lot of inconvenience, such as the occurrence of heartburn, belching and increase of acidity. Moreover, it is proved that regular sleep immediately after lunch or dinner increases the risk of stroke.

Experts agree that sleep is not earlier than 2 hours after a meal.


No matter how tempting it may seem a good idea to power up and immediately go to the gym, to do this the experts advise. Load on a full stomach can cause discomfort in the form of hiccups and nausea, as well as more serious consequences in the form of increased personal injury and seizures.

If you can't wait "to get your rocks off" after a meal, better to have a quiet stroll and to full sessions start no earlier than 2 hours.


During the active digestive process involves practically all systems of our body. At this point, the nicotine will be absorbed with double force, thus greatly increasing the harmful effects. Moreover, it is proved that tobacco can block the absorption of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamins C and D, nullifying the effect of even the healthy eating.

Of course, Smoking should be abandoned completely. But if you constantly smoke and afternoon cigarette still inevitable, give your body after eating at least 20 minutes without tobacco.

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