Recent medical studies: 3 "can" and 6 "no" after a meal.

Everyone has hundreds of habits that are ingrained in our brain. But, unfortunately, many of them are, or may be the cause of our poor health. It turns out that human health is affected not only what he eats, but also what he does after meals. Our digestive system is very sensitive, and it should be treated seriously.

< «Website» has prepared a selection of useful tips for you, which was drawn up on the basis of medical research. Read that can negatively affect your health, and stop doing it. Take care of your health!

What can not be done immediately after a meal
  1. NO: Walking

    Many of us believe that after a hearty meal is useful to go for a walk, but it is not so. Walking after a meal can cause acid reflux and indigestion. Walking - a great way to spend calories. But doctors recommend to do it no earlier than 15-20 minutes after eating

    NO:. Fruits

    Some people believe that fruits should be eaten as a dessert after meals. But actually it is not. Fruits, eaten after the main meal, come into contact with it and start to ferment and turn sour. This disrupts the normal digestive process. It is better to have them for an hour before a meal or at least 2 hours after.

    NO: Tea

    Doctors are advised not to drink tea after a meal, as it contains acids that bind iron, preventing it absorbed. When we wash down the food this drink, we do not get the right amount of iron from food. That's why the perfect time for tea comes at least an hour after eating.

    NO: Dream

    Most of us love to go to bed immediately after a meal, but this habit is harmful. In the supine position a small amount of digestive juices from the stomach back flow into the esophagus. That's why some people experience heartburn when they go to bed immediately after a meal. To avoid this problem, go to sleep at least two hours after eating.

    NO: Reception bathroom

    Bathing in warm water increases blood flow to the limbs and to the entire surface of the body. Accordingly, the blood flow in the stomach area is reduced. Doing water treatment through at least half an hour after eating.

    NO: Smoking

    Smoking after a meal causes of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. It also negatively affects the muscles of the colon responsible for the final stage of the digestive process.

    What you need to do immediately after a meal
  2. YES: Warm water

    For proper digestion of food in the first hour after eating the body needs energy and heat. Therefore, it is desirable not to have immediately after the main meal cold food, for example ice cream. It is best to drink a few sips of warm water

    YES:. Talk with close

    For proper digestion and blood flow velocity to avoid physical and mental strenuous activity. It is best to spend some time after a meal at a nice chat with loved ones without any disputes and quarrels.

    YES: Loose clothes and belt

    To prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease, do not wear tight clothes and tight belts, which put pressure on the stomach.

    We hope that you will take these recommendations into service and take care of your digestive system.

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