Everything in the world is hierarchical. Thank God that this is so. Thanks to this principle, it is easier to understand the issues of health and happiness. The violation of hierarchy leads to various problems.

The fact that the higher level of the hierarchy is more important. Everything in life should be the main, even if we do not understand it or do not notice.

Man is triune and hierarchical in their structure — Spirit-Soul-Body. His life is also subordinate to the chief. It all starts with a spiritual nature, following the main.

The man came to life out of nowhere, from the spiritual, cosmic, intangible region. There and leaves. Life in the Physical Universe, the body, is subject to the same, spiritual, Divine, cosmic laws. Even if we don't understand it or don't notice, we still live according to them.

Remember the inscription that was in transport in the Soviet times: "the Absence of a bargaining chip is not exempt from a penalty"... We have no excuse if we do not observe in their misunderstanding or carelessness.

Not to forget, what laws we obey, we are given a body and two States — health and malaise.

Our body soldiers. Signal came from the spiritual realm, the body executes the order — gives us signals about the mismatch of our life challenges we came about incorrectly selected way of our spiritual degradation that we used, gave us an advance to live mindlessly spiritless — the body hurts so we can tell...

Health is given to us to help fulfill their mission. Not that we are born to buy iPhones and staring at the TV, hoping to visit another foreign country, to know the world, without understanding anything about yourself...

"To be born human is a rare opportunity, something for which to be thankful.

But the birth of a man is useless if you spend your life in a hospital for the insane.

It is useless if you are worried about the lack of money.

It is useless if you become neurotic because of being unable to obtain employment.

It's useless if you cry over lost girlfriend".

Kodo Sawaki Roshi

©Oleg Korolev

Not that we invented this world and these principles. It is not for us to change them.

But we have to follow them, subject to the principal — spiritual, divine, fulfilling its purpose.

That tells the person his spirituality? At least, to live according to spiritual, Divine laws.

She knows about this man? When he really thinks about this?

As a rule, when "follies" in my life, when the body is bogged down by signals. When the health starts to seriously misbehave. And I want to live "to the fullest".

Here, then comes the "second shift" and "extra classes" to bring us back to common sense, to his task. To the Person that remains undeveloped within a person.

To understanding what and how everything is connected to everything, everything can affect everything. There's always the Main thing that governs our life.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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