4 Harmonious Personality Development Level

For Love is only capable of a harmonious personality. Man in disharmony - not love, he expects love. If we are in the standby mode, the deficit, then get something that we are not satisfied. All good, spiritual and physical health, wealth, relationships, true happiness, absolute knowledge comes to man when he is in harmony. The Vedas say: just become harmonious, and you will still inside, enlightenment itself will come to you.

Harmonious person develops on 4 levels:

Physical layer reflects the physical and mental health.

Physical health - is an important factor for spiritual development. If you do not have health, you will not be able to enjoy the material world and make progress in the spiritual. The physical layer consists of the following elements:

Taking care of the body. Regular cleaning of the internal organs (intestines, liver and kidneys).
Proper nutrition. Our physical and mental health depends on the food, what we eat, where, how, with whom and, most importantly, when and at what time of day

. Water. Our body and mind need to get clean water regularly. It was water, not tea and a variety of drinks. It is advisable to drink about 2 liters per day. Yogis who live a long and healthy life, drink every 15 minutes for a few sips.

Spine. From the spine it depends on the state of the whole body. In Oriental medicine say that the flexibility of the spine shows how long a person will live. Also, it affects the mind. For example, if you go straight and smile, you mood improves spontaneously.

Breath. In Eastern culture have different breathing techniques that help form a strong immune system, be energetic, quickly recover in the event of a serious illness. For example, in the Vedanta is pranayama, in Chinese culture - gymnastics Qigong, martial arts, etc. It is important to have a quiet, peaceful breathing... Yogis say: the more you breathe, the less you live, and, accordingly, contrary

. Sleep. It is important to have the correct enough sleep. You should know that the most rewarding sleep from 9 pm to 5 am.

Posts. It is important to regularly fast, consciously refrain from receiving food. For the body and mind, as well as character education is important to abstain from food.

Sexual life. All sexual perversion, or simply indulging his lust, take a lot of subtle energy, worsen the overall condition of the person. In this age of all purports to turn a man into a slave of the penis, make it a primitive horny consumer.
Physical exercises. And for the body and for the mind is very important to move a lot. Best - a brisk walking, swimming. Also useful are dancing and yoga.

Nature. We need as much as possible to be in nature. Just stay there, especially in the mountains, by the sea, can quickly put in order the mental state dramatically strengthen immunity. Better, of course, generally live in nature.

The eradication of all bad habits: smoking, alcohol, including beer kill beauty, youth, much older. Having bad habits a person can be physically and mentally healthy and happy. • Regular complete rest. Full withdrawal from all the cases, at least once a week or once every few months for a week or two.

Social level includes the following:
Find your purpose and to live in accordance with it. Just as each cell or organ in our body has a purpose, and every living creature has its purpose in this life. It is important to understand and follow it.

Composed as a man or a woman. Man must develop masculine qualities. First of all - to be able to take responsibility, to be bold, logical, consistent. If a man is not a monk, he must take responsibility for women and children for life, make them happy and prosperous. For a woman - feminine development, the ability to take care of, intuitive approach to life, to become a good mother and wife
. Performing their duty in the family (husband-wife, parent-child). The universe ceases to help a person who does not serve his family. Especially if the person is away from family responsibilities, he does not want to start a family and children. Exceptions are those who completely renounced the world and lived a very ascetic. But in the family, in the public service can not learn less than the highest wisdom.

Improving the fate of his family, to serve his family, honor our ancestors, whatever they were.

The ability to earn money. This applies to men. But the right attitude to money is important to everyone. The money must be treated as God's power, respectfully, but without greed. In addition, we must be able to live happily and peacefully, regardless of the quantity of money.

Right to build and maintain relationships with other people. To be able to make a happy and harmonious private life. So, how can we love, manifested in a relationship. All that we set up relationships - we lose

. Bringing his life benefit the world, especially close. We must feel and see that we live not in vain, that through our lives at least someone becomes more happy and healthy, and above all, loving.

The intellectual level reflects the wisdom and the mind of man

In modern culture is considered to be an intelligent person, depending on how many books he read, how many languages ​​knows what his academic degrees. But by the definition of the word is hardly true. About a man is more correct to say that he is smart. A truly intelligent person:

Set goals (for the day, week, year, and a few years) and their targeted dostigat.Osobenno it is important for men. For the three main qualities of a harmonious and successful man - a sense of purpose, courage and generosity

. He knows that the purpose of life can only be on a spiritual level - it is Divine Love. And this is the main value of life, to which he goes for it.

He knows that we have a soul, a spirit, not a physical or mental body.

Features a temporary from the eternal, choosing a path that is favorable to harmonious development, to increase the love in his heart and rejecting all that is unfavorable for this.
Able to concentrate and achieve peace of mind and control the five senses.

Able to change his fate. Only a person with a strong, spiritual mind, and with great strength of will and the ability to achieve their lofty goals can change your destiny and go their own way, thanks to the ability to change its character and form the right outlook.

It keeps track of your emotions and thus do not fall under their influence.

The spiritual level - the basis of all
That is the true reality is present in it. If the spiritual level is poorly developed, all levels will collapse and cause suffering. This inner contentment, spiritual and moral values, knowledge of the soul.

Most importantly, what it can not give the matter, and that is the main treasure of the eternal spiritual world - is unconditional love. This world can only confer human fears, attachments and dependencies, the desire to consume. Soul - is unconditional lyubov.Sledovatelno, the main indicator of "spiritual advancement" of man - how he lives with unconditional love. Genuine spirituality - this is love. Take away love, and lose all sense, will bring great suffering: the food, and sex, and social life, and intellectual games, etc.

.. How people can live here and now, that is, in fact, - so he spiritualized. The soul is beyond time and space - there is no past and future for her, and only the present. Only in the "here and now" you can experience unconditional love. The perfection of life - it's just being a loving presence

. Unselfishness. The soul, our higher self - is love. Once in this world, a person covered by the false ego, selfishness that destroys his life, because the ego wants to eat, and live for themselves. In the spiritual world, or in the society of the saints be nice, because there are all together. Love can be felt only when we sacrifice, give, care in a humble state of mind, not expecting anything in return. Therefore, we can also say that the true spirituality - that selflessness and service, without expectation of reward

. The most important indicator of spirituality - the ability to see the Divine in all things and in all. After all, there is nothing beyond it. Seeing and feeling the divine in everything, you feel more unity with everything and everyone. Everything is connected in this world, every event, every living creature

. Service. Everything in nature are used, perform a role. The man has a choice: to serve himself or to serve all. A truly spiritual person - disinterested and therefore more serves. This includes service to his family and to society.

Lack of conviction, rigid assessments and fanatical belief in some kind of philosophical or religious doctrine. In harmonious human love is constantly increasing, it opens more in-depth knowledge, understanding and vision of the world. But when one believes in some sort of a frozen concept and believes that it can only be so, he abruptly stopped in its development.
Author: Rami Blekt


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