The wind farm on the Volga

In Ulyanovsk region build Russia's first wind farm. Fortum started in December 2016. According to Governor Sergey Morozov, the share of renewable energy in the total energy balance of the region can be increased to 20-30%.

The pilot project involves the construction of microgeneration Park with a capacity of 35 MW. The consortium for the construction of a wind farm consisted of the development Corporation of the Ulyanovsk region, UK "DARS", Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH and the company "AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk", whose capacity is scheduled to release the blade. The total investment in Russia's first wholesale wind farm will be approximately € 65 million. Ulyanovsk oblast has taken on the development of plots, development of infrastructure and carrying out measurements of the wind speed.

The second phase of the Park is designed for a capacity of about 600 MW.

The operator of the wind farm will be the company Fortum. It is expected that the wind farm will begin generating electricity in 2017 and will be involved in the supply of Ulyanovsk, with a population of 620 thousand people.

Alexander Smekalin, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the region, said they also prepared a draft renewable energy production on the basis of processing of household waste. Consider the possibility of creating a network of small solar energy parks. First been created in conjunction with the "DMG Mori" in the industrial Park "Zavolzhie".


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