Diet Pushinka: easily lost 25 pounds and health is not harmed. Ideal for women over 40!

There are women who eat and don't get better, there are those who gain weight quickly, but it is very easy to lose even the most ordinary diet. But there are those who exhaust themselves with various diets, but nothing but loss of time and stress not get. If you fall into this category, do not rush to get upset, because there is a way out.


Edition "Website" will tell you about the one diet that really performs its function and, most importantly, not harm. Call it "Fluff" because many people managed to lose up to 35 pounds.

How to quickly and easily pohudatelnoy diet will consist of very affordable and useful products. It should also be noted that it positively appreciated by nutritionists and gastroenterologists. Your body will receive all the necessary trace elementsso that it absolutely will not harm the health. You need to eat 5 times a day. Approximate number of products a day can see in this table. Bear in mind that this refers to 100 g of cereals, after cooking it will be 400 g of cereals.


Diet menu
  1. 80 g barley porridge and a Cup of yogurt.
  2. 80 g barley porridge
  3. 80 g barley porridge and 50 g of lean boiled or baked fish.
  4. 80 g barley porridge and white cabbage salad (can be any).
  5. 80 g barley porridge.


The diet lasts for 7 days, if you want to lose about 5-7 pounds, but if you aim with the numbers more, then eat like 1 a month. To saturate the body with the right vitamins, take a multivitamin complexes, 2 times a day.

Beautiful figure and you share your diet with friends!

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