All winter he collected bottles and were brought to the country... the Neighbors laughed, but in the spring the land was not to know!

It is established that srednestatichesky European family of four for the year throwing up to 300 empty plastic bottles. But it is a fertile material for reuse and making various crafts!

Besides that, reusing plastic, we save the environment, and save their own money. By the way, used plastic bottles is not the appointment of the first prilovchilis people with limited income, and successful and making good money.

In the eve of the vegetable field work "Site" in a hurry to show their hands to build a greenhouse out of ordinary plastic bottles.

Greenhouse from plastic butylochku, for example, greenhouse of a Scot, who in just 3 months managed to gather 7000 poltorack, and then from this "good" selected 1000 built himself a greenhouse 2 x 2 meters and a height of 1.9 meters.

According to master, the most time consuming in building the greenhouse was to clean up the bottles from the labels. Also have to find a place to store material until it is used.

The greenhouse he was building: first build a wooden frame, then, the bottles were put on each other, inserting the neck into the hole cut in the bottom of the previous bottle. Secured design it is possible to insert wooden rods and smear glue all joints.

Here are some examples of greenhouses from bottles. The beauty of these structures is in the fact that they can be easily moved to another location.

But how can you make bottled shingles: first cut the neck and bottom, then cut the cylinder. Screeshots construction stapler.

That's really our people: a look from the greenhouse itself made, is 2 years old, by the way!

That is how you make a useful thing from almost nothing. Plant protection from frost and sun, save money and care for the environment!

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