15 hard advice about love that work

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Michael Labkovsky — Russia's psychologist, known for his harshness in his statements and outrageous. A practitioner with 30 years of experience can afford some rigidity in judgment, because his experience saves families and lives.

Site had carefully studied the advice of the guru relationship and chose the most capacious of them.

For those who are in search

  • Nobody wants the one who does not need himself. And the one who accepts himself as he is, living delicious, wholesome life in spite of all possible problems.
  • If you are a manuncomfortable on the first, second, third date, do not assign the fourth. In the first meeting, the man shows himself in the best way, and if you're unpleasant to be with him, nothing good from these relationships will come.
  • As for the young, successful and beautiful women who can't find a mate because they supposedly, strap high, is the inability to relationships and fear of them.
  • If you want to get married, you need to stop thinking about it. This is the same as the desire to have a doll on the bonnet, veil and all that shit. In healthy people, the situation is a little different. First — they have there is a need to love. This need to love, they find a man who loves them.
  • You should never chat with married men. Fish trading in fish shop, meat from the butcher. Not lose time. A married man does not need a wife at his house one already there.
For those who are in relationships

  • If you want to get married, Dating or even living together for a year and nothing happens, you have to ask once if he wants a family and a wedding.
    If a man is not ready to start a family, so it's time to say goodbye to him. Nicely, of course. "I very warmly you are treated and will continue in the same spirit, but far away from you."
  • Any — and I stress this — any woman years sit at home and all she does is housework and children, degrades. It is inevitable. And in the end the man becomes bored with his wife, he begins to consider her stupid, and there to divorce a half step. And note: initially, the man on anything not insist, is a woman with joy and clapping their hands decided to stay home.
  • If it bother you, just break up with him. Don't be afraid to be alone. No man in the whole world is not worth breaking yourself to cave in under him, to neglect its desires and needs. None.
  • It's simple: is it — is what it is. And there you are — the way you are.You or good together or they should go. And better before you took out a mortgage and gave birth to three children.
  • One who is mentally healthy, focused on their feelings and always choose yourself. Neither beauty nor love does not require sacrifice. And if you demand, it's not exactly your story. Fall. There is no purpose for which is to suffer something in the relationship.
For all

  • A lifetime on tiptoes does not stand and disappointed always harder than initially show the real you.
  • People who don't love themselves can't love each other so a couple of happy they also can not be.
  • Need to head to understand, and not to the groom. When a woman says: "I loved" is often not a story about love. This is a story about a drug dealer who supplies her with the necessary suffering. And healthy love is about how happy you are.
  • If you don't like how he treats you, does something unpleasant, you tell him about it once. If it is not changed up to date.
  • A normal person does not continue the relationship where it is not respected. However, he did not even start.
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