13 actors who are so accustomed to the way that steel copy their heroes

Fifty five million eight hundred fifty nine thousand ninety three

Masterful reincarnation of the actor in his character always evokes strong emotions. And if we add to this the work of stylists and make-up artists, the film itself is able to shake the viewer to the core.

Site is a fresh collection of actors that are brilliant precisely played real people. By the way, the movie is also excellent.

Chesley Sullenberger and Tom Hanks miracle on the Hudson, 2016

Eleven million three hundred eighty one thousand five hundred one

Edward Snowden and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Edward Snowden, 2016

Thirty six million three hundred forty seven thousand six hundred nine

Jacqueline Kennedy and Natalie Portman Jackie, 2016

Ninety million eight hundred eighty three thousand seven hundred eight

Eddie "the eagle" Edwards and Taron Edgerton Eddie "the eagle", 2016

Fifty eight million six hundred sixteen thousand seven hundred sixty nine

Fiona Mutesi and Madina Nalwanga Queen of Katwa, 2016

Ninety eight million nine hundred ninety eight thousand nine hundred sixty two

James Bowen and Luke Tredaway a Street cat named Bob, 2016

Eighty million three hundred twenty eight thousand six hundred fifty

James hunt and Chris Hemsworth Race 2013

Twenty four million eight hundred twenty four thousand five hundred twenty eight

Lily Elba and Eddie Redmayne Girlfriend from Denmark, 2015

Seven million eight hundred sixty three thousand one hundred one

Sarah Brierley and Dev Patel lion, 2016

Seventy million seven hundred twenty eight thousand one hundred eighty four

Ray Kroc, and Michael Keaton Founder, 2016

Ninety two million three hundred seventy three thousand forty six

Vinny Pazienza and miles teller Pasmanski the devil, 2016

Ninety seven million seven hundred eleven thousand seven hundred eighty three

Grace Kelly and Nicole Kidman Princess of Monaco, 2014

Eighty million nine hundred thirty two thousand nine hundred nine

Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Lambert Wilson Odyssey, 2016

Ninety nine million eight hundred one thousand two hundred sixty six

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