10 actors who transformed into their characters at 100 %

Every great actor, brilliant in his own way. Someone charismatic in the frame, somebody is a master of disguise, and someone lucky enough to have a great sense of humor. But acting talent is not only the ability to smile for the camera, but also hard work.

The website tells 10 stories about the actors who really got into his role.

Johnny Depp Raoul Duke Fear and loathing in Las Vegas 1998

To fulfill the role of Raoul Duke (an autobiographical image of the author hunter S. Thompson), the actor met the main character of "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas". The result is a 35-year-old Depp and 60-year-old Thompson became close friends and the actor 4 months lived in the house of journalists, where he studied his notes. The apotheosis of this quirky but sincere friendship was the episode when Thompson personally shaved Depp's shaved for the filming of the movie.

Al Pacino Is Frank Serpico Serpico, 1973

Al Pacino got in the way of an honest COP, what afterwards was done with him. One day, returning home on the highway after the shooting, he suddenly noticed that the exhaust pipe of the truck going ahead, smokes him right in the face. While still in the way, al Pacino ordered the truck driver to pull over to the curb and announced that he was arrested.

Robert de Niro — Travis Bickle Taxi driver, 1978

Robert De Niro, the famous master of "deep dives". In preparation for the filming of "Taxi driver" he's got a real license to drive city taxi. In between shots (while he was busy in the film Bertolucci's "1900"), he managed to fly from Rome to new York to travel through the streets of his native city. And the famous Mohawk Travis Bicle appeared after the communication of an actor with real Vietnam veterans, one of whom was advised to change her hairstyle.

Adrian Brody — Wladyslaw Szpilman The Pianist, 2002

Before leaving for shooting in Europe Brody stopped to chat with his lover, changed his place of residence and abandoned many things, including the car. So he tried to understand the mindset of man who lost everything. At the insistence of the Director, the actor at least 4 hours a day devoted piano and by the time I could fluently play excerpts from Chopin. Finally, Brody starved himself to understand what had the starving ghetto.

Daniel day-Lewis — Hawkeye Last of the Mohicans, 1992

For the role of an Indian actor spent six months in the gym to gain muscle mass. He then spent a month in the woods with the experts on survival and studied native American culture. He learned to hunt, kill and skin game, make canoes, fight with Tomahawks and apply with a silicon gun. In the process of filming, day-Lewis tried to apply the knowledge — floating on a canoe, slept on the ground and ate only the food that managed to get.

Charlize Theron — Aileen Wuornos In Monster, 2003

For the role of the 46-year-old serial killer Belle Sharon completely transformed. She gained 15 pounds, started wearing dentures, no longer care for themselves, and began to walk in rags and behaving very aggressively. The people who worked on the film and knew Theron for this role, later admitted to her that they had to re-acquainted with her when she got back to her regular form.

Hilary swank — Brandon Teena Boys don't cry, 1999

Hilary swank surprised everyone else at the audition, which came in the clothes of a husband and a cowboy hat, so got the role. She took her hair and tortured her vocal cords to lower the tone of voice. More than a month as she rocked bandaged chest and put in the pants the sock on and off the court. The neighbors were sure she was gone, and the house is staying with her brother. Swank demanded, to be treated like a man and did not allow anyone to see her as the woman.

Meryl Streep — Robert Guaspari music of the heart, 1999

Agreeing to play a music teacher, 50-year-old Striptease 2 months taking violin lessons. She practiced so well that, although never before played, sang the final work together with renowned musicians Perelman and stern. But first, played it to stern, and, though turned to stone with terror, earned his approval.

Shia LaBeouf Is Boyd "Goody" Swan Rage, 2014

After receiving the role, LaBeouf, known for eccentric, have served 1.5 months in the National guard. By the time he had filled his tattoo on his arm, was the rite of baptism, has created a natural knife cuts-scratches on my face (which was not allowed to take up to the end of the project), pulled out my tooth. To give greater realism to his image he did not take a shower for 4 months. Soon to say "fragrance" next to partners, LaBeouf were resettled from the crew in cheap Motel where no one interfered with his self-improvement.

Heath Ledger Joker Dark knight, 2009

The most striking character played by Heath Ledger became the iconic villain the Joker in the film "the Dark knight". In order to create an image of the Joker, Heath locked himself in a hotel in London, where for months he studied the comic books about the Joker and kept a diary in which she recorded her thoughts as if it really was the Joker. He spent a lot of time working on voice and laughter, to achieve a chilling effect. After 3 months of filming the actor died from a wrong combination of drugs. It is unclear to what extent the challenging role affected the Ledger. For the best image of the Joker in history Heath Ledger got the award "Oscar" posthumously.

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