20 shocking historical facts that you just were not taught in school

Sometimes one little historical detail can turn a look at all the past of mankind. As proof, the Website has collected the facts which will reveal you the story from a completely different side.

Beautiful? Hitler drew

The musicians, who to the last played on the Titanic to calm panicked people

Iranian girls before the Islamic revolution

The remaining shadows of people after the explosion of a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima

How were the technologies of the future French illustrators 1924

The ring of the Viking IX century, with engraved inscription: "the will of Allah"

"Maria departs to a dream", France, 1896. The first porn film in cinema history

In the early twentieth century, heroin was prescribed cough

So did the road in Ancient Rome

And put teeth

The form for the Nazis sewed the famous Hugo Boss

The weapons of the police of new York in 1864

Just submarine during the First world war — nothing unusual, scroll further

Argentavis — this is probably the biggest bird that ever lived on Earth

Before we get into the hands of Hitler, the swastika was an ancient symbol of good luck for 3,000 years

"Lucky fishing". USSR, 1924

"We know that you will live better than us" — youth message 1967 the youth of 2017

Sleep like maids in England, 1843

And it looked like Germany in the 1930-ies

Photos on the preview Jasperdo / flickr

According to the materials thechive, onedio, lifebuzz

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