10 habits that quietly damage our health

Familiar things are not always as simple as they seem. Some of them are harmful, and some even very dangerous.

The website have compiled for you a list of the 10 most common things that invisibly affect our health. Beware!

1. Cross your legs,

For the first time about the dangers of crossing legs in 1999, said the company is a manufacturer of food additives. They even launched in the US, large-scale advertising campaign, The Great Cross-Out ("Great raskladyvanii"). And it wasn't a simple advertising ploy. Numerous studies have shown that the habit of sitting cross-legged (as in a chair or on the floor, in Turkish), leads to an increase in pressure (especially hypertension), varicose veins and nerve damage.

2. Feed the birds

Feeding the pigeons is one of the favorite activities of parents with children on the walk. Unfortunately, it's not only fun, but also dangerous. The likelihood that the city bird is sick with something contagious, is above 50 %. Pigeons carry ornithosis, not only, but also colibacillus, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, listeriosis, tularemia, Newcastle disease, toxoplasmosis... are you sure You want to know the full list?

3. Wear low-quality sunglasses

The desire to save is forcing manufacturers to use cheap plastic. It does not protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays in bright sunlight that could cause retinal burns. Due to the darkening pupils dilate and you get a double dose of ultraviolet light, which is even more harmful than going without glasses. Excess ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts, damage the eye and even lead to cancer.

4. Drink plenty of water

Yes, you heard right. Drink a lot of water is not always good. However, to drink a little too. The researchers insist that the body's need for water is very individual. If you move a lot and exercise and drink more, but if you have kidney problems or cardiovascular diseases, the amount of liquid it is better to limit. In any case, the surest way to find out your rate — thirst. If you cannot, it is not necessary to pour a water force.

5. Treatment warmer

It seems to apply hot or cold to the sore spot — our favorite ways to relieve the pain. But there's a whole list of diseases where it is warmer is absolutely contraindicated, so be careful. A sore spot warm when bleedings, acute inflammatory processes of the abdominal cavity (appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis), in the first hours and for 1-2 days after injury and trauma. Thermal procedures are contraindicated in cancer.

6. Make popcorn in the microwave

And it's not in the method of preparation and composition of maize for home use. The danger is a chemical substance called diacetyl. It is a synthetic oil and flavoring "in one bottle". Evaporating when heated, it enters the lungs and damages them. You can reduce the risk of ingress of harmful gases into the lungs if your air will allow the corn to cool before use.

7. There are in the workplace

Of course, jobs are different. But most often they are not only quite unsuitable for food, but also collect massive amounts of bacteria, it does not contribute to digestion. If this argument seems unconvincing, consider the fact that the smell of your food can interfere with colleagues do you deprive the brain a well deserved rest, feet — a useful warm-up and do not give the stomach to digest food, since the brain can not concentrate on the absorption of food.

8. To wear open shoes in the city

Of course, in the summer you want to dress all in the open, and shoes are no exception. But what do we risk? In open shoes is a good chance to cause injury, but any wound, whether it be an insect bite or a blister from uncomfortable strap, in an urban environment will easily get infected. And hit it can not only feet but the whole body.

9. Drink skim milk

It seems that the same milk, just without the fat. But actually this is not true. Skim milk doesn't even come close in usefulness next to normal. When fat is removed from milk, with him gone, and vitamins, and back are synthetic substances that are not useful. Many manufacturers build skim milk using powder, which can oxidized cholesterol contained in milk. Although this was not tested on humans, the animals who drank oxidized cholesterol, found in artery plaques, which can increase the risk of heart attack.

10. To monitor the posture

Correct posture symmetrical arrangement of all organs. Take care of your back — properly adjust an office chair and tilting monitor. Here's a check list:

  • The chair height choose according to the length of the tibia. His seat should be solid.
  • The buttocks should occupy at least 2/3 of the chair.
  • The seat back should optimally match the curvature of the spine.
  • Lean back over the back of the chair to the spine tightly to her snugly throughout its length.
  • Ensure that the blades were reduced, the shoulders are positioned at the same level, and the abdomen was relaxed.
  • Do not place one leg over the other, as it will lead to circulatory disorders in the lower extremities.
  • Make the movement smoothly to the spinal column did not hit the back of the chair.
  • Take such a position that the weight of the body were the thigh and the head was directed forward and upward.
  • Do not rush to change your position if you feel that uncomfortable to sit. Let the muscles get used to the correct position. Some of them will gradually relax that form a familiar posture, but it will not happen immediately.
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