Simple manual to buying via the Internet, and not be afraid of scammers

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We love to see photos from the series "the Internet: expectations and reality". But to become one of the heroes of such journals do not want one.

Site have prepared for you a simple guide that will help you avoid mistakes when choosing an online store, and bring shopping to a new level.

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There are large online stores, whose names at all on hearing. But what if you want to order from a small website which I see first time in my life?

Go to the section "Contacts". There's got to be not only e-mail and phone number but also email address (it is required if store registered as a legal entity), rooms INN and OGRN (for a Russian Internet-stores), account number, name of the Bank where the account is opened, the Bank's BIC.

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The majority of online shops has its own page with customer reviews. But much to trust written on it is not worth it: reviews can be fake. So spend a little time and look for reviews on third-party resources. Often enough to hammer into a search engine the store name and the word "reviews". But you can do an advanced search: if the store has its own page in instagram, Twitter or other social networking sites, search the store name hestego. If any buyers are out of luck with the purchase — you'll quickly find it opinion. Pay attention to reviews with photos you will understand whether the product photography on the website.

Extremely positive reviews on all of the forums also needs to alert you. Practice shows that in nature there is no stores that would be praised all the customers. A small percentage of negativity is always present, and that's fine.

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Reliable online store always tries to minimize risks of the client. So the site should be information about the warranties for the buyer. Whether or not your personal data that you will need to order? Is there an agreement that you will sign a contract for purchase? Whether to return your money if the product turns out to be defective or compromised during shipment? Is it possible to pay the goods upon receipt? Stores scammers and sites-day avoid to answer such questions, but serious legal shops always thinking about it in advance.

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Payment methods can be very diverse: Bank wire, electronic payment system, via terminals, Bank cards, etc.

If a purchase on the site you can pay only in advance and only simple electronic payment system (of those that can register in two clicks) — it's a red flag. Cooperation with official payment system requires that Internet stores provide a lot of documents and go through several levels of inspections. The more payment options on the website, so it is safer to deal with him.

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If you found the right thing at the price twice below market, this is most likely a sham. If the seller explains the low price of the illegal origin of the goods (contraband, confiscated, stolen), then certainly contact him is not worth it. This is not an opportunity for a good bargain, but rather the probability to become a victim of fraud.

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The idea is that the first 5 steps should be enough to check most online stores. You can safely order the right thing (although it is better first time to order cod with payment upon receipt). But if the purchase is very expensive and you still worry about the safety of their funds, there are other ways to check.

  • On this website you can see how long and to whom the registered domain of the store. If the domain was registered recently on a private person or is placed abroad is an occasion to reflect.
  • It is easy to see the citation index. For example, with the help of this tool you can determine the citation of many resources. Also, the ranking of the site can be found here (registration required). Large online store will show the citation index of a few thousand in the fake website, he will be near zero.
  • Check the company information through the website of the Federal tax service. Please, visit the site in the section "Electronic services", click "Check yourself and the contractor," the beat INN or OGRN of the company. Click "Search". So you can find out whether the registered company, whether it exists now or perhaps the website uses data to another organization.

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Even if you are 100% sure in the store — there's no guarantee that you will like the purchase. To avoid disappointment, check the following:

  • The dimensions of the goods. The photo can distort the actual size of the items. This is often used by unscrupulous sellers. In the photo the item looks large but in the description in small print are the actual dimensions. If you are after receiving the package to decide to return the money, you politely hint that was worth to read carefully the description.
  • Dimensional grid of clothes. Here it is not even in the distortion of the photos, and in the selection of its size. Different manufacturers size chart may differ considerably. Do not look at labels, ask the seller a dimension table in inches and calculate the right size on the parameters.
  • Colors. Even in life, each person sees color differently, and so through the screen even more. The monitor can greatly distort colors, and what you think of the crimson, life will be coral. If the shade of things has a for you essential, ask the seller to take a picture of the product "live" to be able to compare the photo on the website and a photo in natural lighting. It slightly minimizes the risk not to guess the shade.
  • Composition. Be it food, clothing or even appliances, it is better to carefully study the composition of the materials constituting the vending thing. In the photo the Jersey may look like silk, plastic — like ceramics, and the phone being an exact copy of the famous brand. But the description and technical characteristics most often write the truth. Your task is to find her.
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