6 simple games that will make any man a genius

Ability to find unusual solutions to everyday situations in varying degrees, each of us possesses. The difference in how much the development of this quality.

The website offers you with 6 interesting games and simple exercises that will help both adults and children to pump the same thinking.


Imagine two completely different things between them and find as many similarities. For example: what is common between the milk and the hedgehog?

  • The good: the game teaches us to see what is on the surface, where in most cases, according to the same Occam's razor are the needed solutions.
More options comparisons:

  • shoes and pencil;
  • hand and electric pole;
  • sausage and capsules (pills).
Here's what they have in common:
  • the milk and the hedgehog curled;
  • shoes and pencil leave a mark;
  • on the palm and the electric pole are the lines;
  • the sausage and capsules have a shell.

The debate

Choose some object or action, and one player calls it the positive side, the other negative.For example,coffee. To debate with children choose are age-appropriate objects for discussion, at the same time to study their properties.

  • Use: the game develops logical and critical thinking and learn to look at problems from different points of view.
Here are the pros and cons of coffee. Pros:

  • smells good;
  • invigorates, tones;
  • improves metabolism;
  • easy to prepare;
  • reduce headache;
  • does not require special conditions for storage;
  • on its basis it is possible to cook many coffee drinks;
  • helps to prevent certain diseases;
  • it has a wide scope (you can make the scrub, prepare the biscuit).

  • hard dirt;
  • leaves plaque on the teeth;
  • if it's too late to drink, can cause insomnia;
  • during the growth of intensively treated with pesticides;
  • inhibits the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.
  • has a diuretic effect;
  • we must respect the rules;
  • can be addictive;
  • excessive consumption increases blood pressure.

Custom application

Invent custom applications of any object. For example: how unusual to use a toothpick? By the way, some invented variants can then be useful in everyday life.

  • Use: helps to overcome the patterns of our thinking. In addition, in the case of young children, the game teaches to understand the principles of meta, i.e. what surrounds the subject and what it communicates.
Here's how else you can use a toothpick:

  • making crafts out of potatoes and other vegetables;
  • paint over small scratches;
  • to mark the end of the tape;
  • to let off steam from the pan, put a toothpick between the lid and the sides of the pan, allowing a couple to come out evenly;
  • bake the potatoes evenly: in the tuber sticking 4 toothpicks, to make him "legs";
  • bonding between the sausages to make them easier to fry;
  • align the bent or broken stem of the flower room;
  • glue beads and other small items.


For the game we need a picture where part of the image is closed. Asking questions have to guess what or who is hidden in the image. The answers can only be of the format Yes or no. For adults you can complicate the game by limiting the number of questions allowed to ask. In the case of children, the part of the image and leave it open to make it easier for them.

  • Use: exercise in addition to exercise lateral thinking helps to develop imagination and teaches how to ask questions correctly.
That is what is hidden in the picture.

Develop Ambidextrous

Ambidexterity — this skill is equally well to use the right and left hands. This skill was owned by Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, albert Einstein and other talented people.

Take both hands on the writing instrument. At the same time try to draw with one hand a triangle, and another circle. Don't like geometric shapes, write words (different but with the same number of letters). If at some point the headache will reschedule attempt and go back to them after an hour or two.

  • Use: the simultaneous activity of left and right hands not only pumping skills thinking out of the box but also helps to recover from stress, improve memory. Training redominantly hands included in the set neurobic (aerobics for the brain), which was developed by neurobiologist Lawrence Katz.


The hardest is saved for the end. One player comes up with a story with a dashing story, and only tells her finale, which should end with a question. Example: before going to sleep, one woman is hiding her Shoe in the safe. Why? Second, trying to find a logical explanation for this mysterious act of asking leading questions. The answer can only be Yes orno.

If you have no other masters to come up with intricate stories, many ready-made themes with the answers you will find in the Internet for "puzzle".

  • Use: teaches the use of unconventional approaches for finding answers. In addition, many companies, including the prestigious (like Google) like to ask candidates for jobs such puzzles.
More stories:

  • In the middle of the desert lies a dead and naked man with a burnt match in his hands. No one else around. What happened?
  • The guard had a dream that night, the store will explode. He went to tell the dream the boss, he replied "thank you" and dismissed the guard. Why the boss did that?
  • Fedor spent three days in the hospital. He was not sick and not injured, but when he was discharged from the hospital, he couldn't go home, and it had to carry. Why?
The answers to all the history here.
  • This woman is a flight attendant on the plane. At the hotel before bed she puts her documents in a safe Deposit box and their for the morning not to forget, puts together documents in a safe Deposit box with one Shoe.
  • People were flying with their friends in a balloon. The ball began to fall, and the boys undressed and threw her clothes to get rid of the ballast. When that didn't work, had to draw straws as to who has pulled the burnt match, he jumped.
  • Because the guard was sleeping at the workplace.
  • Three days ago, Fedor was born in this hospital.

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina specifically for the Website
According to the materials marieclaire

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