5 signs of vitamin deficiency, which is literally written on my face

The problem of lack of vitamins is especially important now, in early spring. Without them we feel sluggish, lethargic and be an easy target for various viruses.

We are in the Website I was surprised to learn that in order to understand, if the body of certain vitamins, just look in the mirror. You can hold a "diagnosis" directly during a read of the article.

Very pale skin

At the end of winter, few can boast a chocolate tan. But if the skin is very pale, and this is not peculiar to you, know that such a symptom may indicate a lack of vitamin B12. Without it we feel depressed and tired. To make up for his loss, you should increase your intake of meat and seafood.

Dry hair

Dry, brittle hair, covered with a large amount of dandruff can signal the deficiency of Biotin, known as vitamin B7. It often occurs after use of antibiotics. To increase the level of B7 must often havemeat, fish, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, legumes and to forget about diets.

Swollen eyes

If you begin to notice the puffiness of the eyes and limbs, perhaps in your body lacks iodine. The most common source is iodizedsalt. Also, the iodine contained in the seafood (lobster, shrimp, seaweed), dairy products and even bread.

Colorless lips

Pale lips may be a symptomof iron deficiency. This is also evidenced by regular colds and low blood pressure. To make up for the lack of iron is not difficult. It is enough to consume more red meat and not at the time from products with a high content of calcium.

Bleeding gums

Problematic bleeding gums can talk about the lack of vitamin C. Low its content may lead to weakening of the immune system, pain in muscles and bones, problems with teeth. Vitamin C in large quantities contained in citrus fruits and red peppers.

It should be noted that we told you about circumstantial symptoms that can result from lack of vitamins. If you find yourself one of the following symptoms, call your doctor for accurate diagnosis.

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