20 amazing films shot on the brink of a foul

Eighty six million seven hundred ninety two thousand four hundred eighty six

All the Directors films from this collection have shown great courage. They took a difficult topic, which is so easy to cross the invisible boundary that separates real art from banality and mediocrity. And they did, which we are glad. We did not include in the post the obvious like "Nine and a half weeks" or "Nymphomaniac", and chose a more recent or less known movies.

Site warning: before viewing it is better to put the kids to bed early or even send to grandma.

The Maid Agasshi

Forty six million three hundred forty five thousand two hundred fifteen

A true delight for the eyes and for the mind — a story in which the Director reveals your sophisticated the idea not once, and beauty — the beauty of women, interiors and outfits. This film is simply impossible to look away. Park Chan-Wook, the Director and screenwriter of the acclaimed "Oldboy" masterfully balances on the thin line, forcing us to unconditionally admire that in a different film we might seem a vulgarity. It is noticeable that since the "Oldboy" is a little heavy and somewhat overweight, he grew up, and it's wonderful.

House of tolerance L'apollonide (Souvenirs de la maison close)

Forty million one hundred forty seven thousand four hundred eleven

Paris public building of the early XX century, surviving the last days. Luxury, expensive clothes, beautiful music — all this serves only as a cover for debauchery. But despite this, a brothel — the kind of world in miniature, where there is a strange, but eventful life: men fall in love or hate, and women share the joys, fears and secrets. And behind the walls of a brothel in a rapidly changing world, and the echoes of disasters and wars will soon fly here.

The lover L amant

Fifty million eight hundred forty one thousand three hundred fifty three

Beautiful, rich, exquisite Chinese meets French. Humiliated crying poverty of their families, the girl dreams of passion and wealth (she is wearing the only dress she's great, and at least a little to decorate it, belt with a belt). Racial prejudices (and she thinks the Chinese below them), the difference in age and completely unacceptable for the time behavior does not embarrass her, because it brings in money for the family, and in addition, she believes doesn't love him. The film is amazing, filled with despair, shame, but some faint sense of elusive happiness.

Sex Doll (love alone) Sex Doll

Sixty three million three hundred twenty five thousand eight hundred sixty five

The most recent movie that has just released, is a modern tale of love. Venue — the dark side of London, the world high-class call girls. VA — young, beautiful and independent French. "Working" it a lot and sweat. "Career" it goes uphill, until she meets Rupert, the young and the daring who really falls in love, closing his eyes to the dubious reputation of a friend. His goal is to save the VA from humiliation, threats and contempt of society.

Empty house Bin-jip

Fifty nine million four hundred seventy six thousand six hundred thirty one

The wizard of Kim Ki-Duk came up with a sophisticated and very unusual story about a guy who lives in homes where the owners are temporarily absent. Tae-Suk — as a caring house: washing dishes, washing clothes and mending things. In one of the houses, he suddenly notices a strange silent woman, which has long been unhappy in the marriage. They manage to "make love" literally behind her husband. She runs with Tae-Suk, taking his lifestyle.

Sex and Lucia Lucía y el sexo

Fifty six million seven hundred twenty four thousand two hundred four

Lucia, a young waitress in Madrid, is leaving for a quiet and peaceful island in the Mediterranean sea after her lover vanishes, with whom she lived for 6 years. There amidst glorious nature, Lucia begins to discover the dark corners of her past, spent with loved ones, as if they were forbidden passages from the novel that now she is allowed to read.

Gainsbourg. Love bully Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque)

Fifty two million five hundred sixty five thousand seven hundred forty four

He lived as he wanted, without hiding their desires and do not hesitate in expressions. He is credited with love Affairs with Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve. His indecent proposal Whitney Houston live once said the whole world. However, he became known primarily thanks to his brilliant poems and songs.

Live flesh Carne trémula

Sixty four million four hundred twenty five thousand eleven

Beautiful Javier Bardem and stunningly beautiful Francesca Neri in one of the best films of Almodovar — is in itself good. But this is not the only ingredients in burning and complex cocktail of unexpected twists and feelings, which is so good at mixing Spanish Director. The story is dramatic, but oddly reassuring, because it's all about passion, the force of which is not less than the pursuit of life.

Blue velvet Blue Velvet

Sixty one million three hundred twenty three thousand six hundred fifty one

Perhaps the most beautiful and memorable film of Lynch. And the easiest and in the case of Lynch, it is rather an advantage than a disadvantage, because there is less unexplained events and motives than usual. It is a detective story with a sensual Noir atmosphere, fascinating music Badalamenti, the beauty of each frame and colorful characters (Kyle MacLachlan and Isabella Rossellini).

Bitter moon Bitter Moon

Nine million four hundred sixty thousand four hundred eighty two

Director Roman Polanski is a master of intricate and psychologically complex stories. "Bitter moon" is one of the best films of a film Director — just like that. Oscar and Mimi was not interested in romance and lofty love — they wanted to explore their passion. And they explored each other and themselves until complete destruction, and this movie might serve as an illustration of the inseparable connection of Eros and Thanatos.

Like little children Little Children

Ninety two million five hundred eleven thousand nine hundred ninety one

Ideal for the life of the American city: work, home, family, children. But this is only apparent — it's amazing what drama may be lurking behind commonplace facades. The main characters crushed his life and failed marriage, they're like birds in a cage. A secret affair becomes the brightest event in their lives, and they again feel her taste, covered the frantic and all-consuming passion.

The Temptation Of Original Sin

Twelve million eighty nine thousand one hundred forty five

Wealthy Cuban merchant Luis Antonio Vargas is going to marry an American. Approaching the meeting with the bride and the anxious groom is already aware of the innocent humble girl who will share his life. But Louis was not justified in his fate invaded femme fatale. The enchantment and magic of seduction is able to make happy, but to destroy.

Piano The Piano

Twelve million eight hundred seventy six thousand one hundred ninety nine

The Director of "the Piano" Jane Campion got the "Palme d'or" at the Cannes film festival (and was the first female Director that has that honor), and Holly hunter, actress, won the Oscar as best actress. Ada lost her voice as a child, decided to get married by correspondence and, along with her daughter Flora (and with the old piano) arrives by ship to distant New Zealand. My husband refuses to drag a bulky tool, and here comes the neighbor, who agrees to move it into your house. Here begins the most interesting.

Hunger The Hunger

Eighty five million two hundred seventy four thousand seven hundred sixty two

Perfect and cold vampire Miriam slips through times and countries, and sometimes falls in love with the people, turning them into his immortal companions. One of them — John performed by the great David Bowie, who this role very well. Eternal youth but they are not guaranteed — at some point they age, turning into living mummies.

About the same subject — the sad love immortal — spoken by Jim Jarmusch in his film "only lovers left alive". "Hunger" is as beautiful, but it has more of a Noir atmosphere.

Carol Carol

Thirty four million two hundred six thousand six hundred seven

Luxury cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara act out the drama of forbidden love, because the action takes place in the 50-ies. The film is based on an autobiographical novel by Patricia highsmith, who herself has experienced in his youth a similar story. By the way, she wrote the book "the Talented Mr. Ripley," also filmed.

Nights Boogie Nights Boogie

Twenty three million eighty nine thousand six hundred six

A film about porn could be a rollicking Comedy. But no, it's a drama, and despite the slippery subject, one of the strongest films of the 90-ies. The "night" with the epic tell of an era in American life, 70-80 years, with attention to detail and recreating the atmosphere as well as the story of a simple boy (mark Wahlberg), who became a big star in the vulgar and semi-criminal world of "adult films".

Dirt Filth

Eighty six million four hundred twenty six thousand two hundred eighty four

A powerful study of the evils of modern society captured in the novel "Shit" cult author Irvine Welsh. The main character — a policeman Bruce Robertson, lustful, corrupt and cruel, seeking to obtain a position as detective inspector. Robertson uses every means possible to get the position: betraying best friends, substitutes and humiliate opponents. The goal is to make the system even more to serve him to satisfy his perverted desires.

Shame Shame

Eighty seven million three hundred thirty two thousand two hundred thirty seven

Brandon is a 30-year-old new Yorker who suffers from the inability to control their sexual lives. He is the eternal frequenter of night clubs and strip bars. He is a successful seducer, before the charms which can not stand no girl (in the case of Fassbender fully believe this). And Yes, we forgot to say that he was not too happy. Brandon's world is flipped upside the head when it comes his sister, sissy.

Nathalie Nathalie...

Sixty two million five hundred one thousand two hundred fifty two

Suspecting her husband of infidelity, Catherine hires a luxury prostitute Natalie, that under the guise of decent girls tried to seduce her husband and report Catherine all the details of their romance. Unexpected, but between two such different women there is a thin intimacy, and Natalie reminds Catherine that she is first and foremost a woman.

For those who prefer the American actors, there is a more recent remake with Julianne Moore called "Chloe". But we think that it would be more straightforward, and rougher.

Belle de jour Belle de jour

Seventy four million twenty thousand nine hundred seventy eight

Banned once in the USSR, "the Day beauty" Luis Bunuel — this is a classic, but no less impressive. Faithful wife Severina Cerisy (Catherine Deneuve) shy own sensuality and are not able to open her husband. Once she decided on an incredible experiment and begins to lead a double life: evenings and nights she a good mistress, and the day fulfills all the wishes of customers in the brothel, where it was called "morning glory."

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