Have the right...

Personal power is the right to dispose of its resources at its discretion and in accordance with their values.

The absence of such a law is experienced as powerlessness (nothing depends on me) and the dependence from the one whom we give this right. Give to those who we think are eligible for these personal resources and empowered to authorize and prohibit to use them for their own purposes.

I remember how scared I was to publish the records, when I started to write. It seemed that my desire is not enough and you need some higher resolution – Yes, I can...you Have the right.

I really did not understand – from whom I can get it right... But if not could do without third-party permission.

This painful condition is when you have to suppress your desire, depend on the slightest response, wait for an authoritative permission, to afraid of the ban and banishment.

Of course, I did not wait, but pretty soon it became clear that he was not authorized to give, except for me.

What I do with their resources: time, abilities, experience, efforts. Dispose of in accordance with your values. That is it I decide – how, where and how to invest.

Often impotence is a state of being in the victim. Often power is associated with tyranny. It's often very scary to accusations of selfishness.

However, if you are afraid to use their resources at their discretion and in accordance with their values – you give power over your life. Sometimes a person you could depend on. Sometimes organization. Sometimes you feel that you forbid it a higher power or karma. Or public opinion.

If you are risking arrogate to itself such power, you really can meet with the prosecution and discontent. As with the adoption and support. People give us your feedback. But not as grandiose figures with the exclusive right to decide.published


Author: Veronica Brown

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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