What happens to your body when before bed you're sitting on the phone

Restless sleep. Distraction. Forgetfulness. Familiar? So, most likely, you are sitting in the phone before bed. It's harmless, at first glance, the entertainment can have a negative impact on the body.

The website examined the latest scientific data and advises put away the phone, going to bed.

The phone is the enemy of good sleep

Because of the phone significantly worsens the quality of sleep, says Dr. Dan Siegel (Dan Siegel), Professor of psychiatry at the Medical school of the University of California. Decided to check email or social networks, lying in bed? The brain received a signal: "don't sleep, it's time to go has not come yet!" The bluish glow of the screen suppresses melatonin production — the hormone responsible for sleep. So when we are with the phone, it seems that sleep is not desirable.

How lack of sleep affects the body the Body needs 7-9 hours of sleep. If we regularly don't get enough sleep, it can damage the neurons. As a result of deteriorating memory, reduced ability to concentrate and solve problems, reduced immunity, teat starts to get old faster. Also lack of sleep leads to the fact that the body slows down the metabolism, increases appetite. Gradual weight gain.

Put down the phone for at least an hour before bedtime. Let the night will be peaceful.

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