5 tricks your body that science could not explain

The mysteries of our body is not less than kosmose

Our universe is full of mysteries, and we do not need to go far to find them. Some of the most complex mysteries keep our own bodies. The question is why, for example, the hair becomes gray, it may be much more interesting question is why black holes "ticking". Fortunately, scientists are also concerned about these small everyday mysteries of our bodies, and they set out to find the answers. As a result of their hard work, we now know the answer to a number of mysteries, such as ...

1. Why is our voice on the recording is always disappointing us? 83,039,584

Once this happens with everyone. We live their lives, secure in the knowledge that our voice is fine, but at some point, someone brings a tape recorder and record our voice on tape. When switched on playback, we strongly surprised. Because our smooth, clear voice on the tape does not sound too good.

Height is not the voice. The tone is not one. If you - a man, you will find that your voice is higher than you thought. And if you're a woman, your wonderful soprano, for no apparent reason suddenly grow a beard, and is starting to sound very low. After that, your first instinct will be the desire to burn down an electronics store that never have not heard.

But do not rush it. What you hear on the record, in fact is your real voice, while the thing that you hear in your head during a conversation - a "avtonastroennaya" version of your voice that is audible only to you and no one else . We hear our own voice because the sound waves coming from the vocal cords reach the eardrum and cause them to vibrate. But the sound waves do not stop; they rattle around our skull, echoes from the inner surface, distorted, and as a result are converted into what we hear.

But why do we always think that our voices on the recording sound worse? As with most things related to people, it all comes down to what we want to hear. Men prefer women with higher voices. Women, by contrast, prefer men with lower voices because deep, deep voice is associated with a large, strong body, and a man to a woman is considered to be the best option. High-pitched voice, on the contrary, is associated with a small, graceful body, and do not forget that humanity as a whole tend to think that women should be less than the size of males. So when the man says, he feels that his voice penetrates his skull, as if the subwoofer, and the sound is very low. A woman's voice in my head sounded high and feminine, and all is well in the world. When we hear the voice on the recording, we realize how far our real voice of an imaginary ideal of sexual contact. Recording - a technological "bells and whistles" that easily destroys our fictional image.

2. Why do you sometimes look weird in the photos?

The thing that scares more than his own voice on the recording is to view the photos of your friends. At some point you notice in the corner of a photograph of the strange man, who looks like a foreigner, and was surprised to say to yourself, so it's me! Do you recognize the man in the picture, and that's good. That's just this man is not like the one you used to watch in the mirror, in the windows, switched off the glossy screens. This man, too ... everything off.

However, there is good news! You are not crazy. People look at photos differently for a variety of reasons.

First of all, every time we look at ourselves in the mirror, we always look at the reflection. And we forget that a mirror image - not the same thing as a real image. In fact, in the mirror, we see what we want to see, and the image in the mirror, we are very accustomed over time. And when someone suddenly shows us our photos, we suddenly see that our face "completely changed" and become asymmetric.

Another reason why the cameras and camcorders and give us a "strange version of us" is that the human eye and the camera lens work differently. Another thing, which is easy to forget: there is no objective way of knowing how really looks like one or the other thing. In fact, it all comes down to how our eyes and the camera handle the reflected light. You can look through the lens of the camera's strange, but you'll look even more strange if suddenly look at yourself through the eyes of a cat.

The camera does not work like your eyes, but that's not all. There is still different cameras that work in different ways. For example, a telephoto lens reduces the distance between the photographer and the subject. Inanimate objects suffer from it a little, but the man can change greatly as telephoto lenses can reduce the distance from the nose to the ears that will change the proportions of the face. Lenses in other types of lenses may have the opposite effect, through them you can look thicker, for example. Also do not forget about lighting. If it is wrong, even very good shot can turn into something terrible.

Put all these things together, and you will realize that every representation of you - is subjective, and neither the image that you see, can not be called "real version of you." Sit back and think about it for a while.

3. Why does the skin on your fingers wrinkled when you take a bath? 74,107,832

Everyone knows how to determine it's time to get out of the bath when the bath water has cooled down and a bottle of beer - was empty. However, when we were younger, there was another, far less harmful to the liver way to learn, it's time to get out of the bath when the skin on the fingertips began to shrivel like prunes. Over time, science could not answer why it happens. But now they seem to have split this hard nut to crack.

There is a theory, which suggested that the wrinkling of the skin on the fingers is not only a specific function, but also a certain evolutionary advantage that allows us to capture wet items more closely. You probably noticed that the wrinkles that gradually formed on the fingertips, slightly reminiscent of tire tread rubber, or any other material with a high coefficient of friction. In today's world, these wrinkles on the fingers allow us to better hold the soap. And that, in general, everything.

However, if you look back at the days of the caveman, there shriveled fingers, perhaps is a huge advantage that our ancestors were living in humid climates used for survival. Additional grip strength, which gives shriveled fingers, let them tighter hold spears and other weapons, they fought off hungry predators.

And by the way, your fingers will not shrink in water if these nerves are damaged fingers. What it is clear evidence that shrinkage finger is a deliberate reaction of our nervous system, which knows a few tricks that allow us to live a little longer.

4. Why do you always urinate more when you are cold? 63,261,277

Have you ever approached the middle of a hot day to cold air conditioning, and feel that you want to write? Or ever dived into a pool of cold water, and found that you want to use the toilet, but to jump into the pool was nothing like this? If you did not notice before, but now you know it, because it's - well-known scientific phenomenon. So enlighten us, science is: why do we mochimsya more when we are cold?

The phenomenon that makes us more than to urinate in the cold is called "cold diuresis". Lowering the temperature and the frequency of visits to the toilet are connected by an exponential dependence. The colder it gets, the more a person thinks that the urine has become severe and develop a strong pressure on the bladder wall. It is difficult to name the reason for which the bladder starts to experience congestion. It seems that today no one can say for sure why this happens.

But according to one of the leading theories, it is connected with the blood vessels, which begin to shrink in the cold, particularly in the extremities. As a result, the blood slowly begins to move deeper into the body. She wants to be hot, and therefore provides your own limbs to deal with all these cool things. A side effect of tactics "retreat blood" is that in the large arteries and veins repeatedly increased pressure which eventually begins to depress the kidney. And kidney, in turn, is trying to compensate for the increased pressure and quickly begin to "drain the water».

5. Why did you wake up early after a night of drinking? 89,809,045

After a night's drinking, nothing is as attractive as your own bed. Deep sleep, which replaces the long evenings spent in the bombing of the liver, is probably the best sleep of all, because you hope to sleep at least until lunch. But then you wake up. At 3 o'clock in the morning. Fatigue will not go away, but you nonetheless awake. And as if not enough that you experience insomnia at the wrong time, in addition to this tiny demons of alcohol rushing through your veins, gradually begin to lose fight with the trolls dull hangover. Anything you want to do now - is to close your eyes and come back to a warm and dark place, where there is no headache. But nothing, the pain does not let go, plus 4 hours will need to go to work.

Anyone who has ever drank alcohol, sooner or later faced with a strange phenomenon described above, when the booze activates a chain of hormones responsible for your awakening.

When you drink, your body is busy working on the absorption of the poison that you continue to pour into it. It takes a lot of time. Your night can and ends at the point where you are about to throw up on the pool table, but work your liver - is only beginning. The liver processes alcohol heavily, until you drink, talk with the boss, goes home and barely get the key into the lock, and finally fall asleep. And then - is heard "the call." You are at this point already peacefully asleep, but your body does not get up from this dream of no use. It is at this moment very glad that you decided to engage with ethanol, and enters into the "we're finally starting to be cleaned," and this leads to disruption of the sleep cycle.

Of course, this effect can be avoided if you drink just a pile or two. Or vice versa, you can drink as much guaranteed to be in a coma. But any condition other than the two mentioned above, can trigger an "internal clock", which will send you to a painful night watching soap operas.

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