Best and worst foods before bed

Believe it or not, but the food that you eat before going to sleep, largely determines how your dream will be. In this article we have collected products, the use of which will help you to sleep well.

Experts in the field of healthcare can argue about the benefits of milk or the best time for training, but there is one thing that all agree: sleep is extremely important for the human body. The quality of the sleep depends on clear thinking, reaction speed, mood, and a number of other important body functions. Lack of sleep leads to increased appetite and weight gain, and problems with growth in adolescents, to a General decline in immunity and other negative consequences. Therefore, it is important to sleep!

The quality of sleep is affected by many different factors, but one of them is food brings people together. In this article we have compiled a list of products and recommendations that you can adhere to to ensure yourself a sound sleep every night.


Best food before bed Foods rich in tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is contained in most vegetable proteins, particularly rich in its beans. Interest to us is the fact that the level of tryptophan affect serotonin levels in the body. And serotonin, the pleasure hormone, has a significant impact on appetite, mood and sleep. This means that if before going to bed to eat foods rich in tryptophan, it is possible to improve the quality of their sleep.

What foods are rich in tryptophan? Turkey, soy beans, pumpkin seeds. They can be combined with other products. For example, whole wheat bread, pasta, crackers, rice, combined with the Turkey, eggs, dairy products is one of the best ways to eat before bed. The thing is, that food rich in carbohydrates, helps the products to absorb tryptophan faster.

Cherry. One of the few natural sources of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is often recommended as a sleep aid. In one study, it was discovered that a glass of sour cherry juice before bed helps the elderly to overcome insomnia. Foods rich in magnesium. Foods that contain large amounts of magnesium such as dark green leafy vegetables, or avocado — these are the natural remedies that help you sleep. It is proved that magnesium improves sleep quality in older people (the duration of sleep and ability to easy awakening) suffering from insomnia.

Foods that steal your sleep There are a number of products that are not recommended to consume before bedtime.

Caffeine. Not news that caffeine interferes with healthy sleep, and yet this advice could be worth to recall. Reduce daily intake of caffeine to 200-300 mg. And most importantly, do not drink it before bedtime. Remember that caffeine is found not only espresso or latte, but also in chocolate, energy drinks and tea. Alcohol. Of course, a glass (or two) of red wine a night may be accompanied by sleepiness, but consuming large amounts of alcohol can disrupt sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, do not drink more than one glass of light alcoholic drinks a day.

Fatty foods. Fatty foods such as chips, fried foods or ice cream, bad for sleep quality. The fact that fat is digested for a long time, which means that all this time, the body works instead of resting.

What to eat and how much to sleep soundly, like a baby, it is better to avoid bulk eating just before bedtime. If you have a late dinner, make your portion smaller than usual. If you just have a bite, put the required amount of food on a plate. Otherwise you risk to eat the whole packet, especially if you sit in front of the TV. Here are a few snacks that you can afford without harm to sleep:

  • low-fat milk and whole grains;
  • natural peanut butter and whole-wheat bread;
  • yogurt with half a banana or a tablespoon of chopped walnuts;
  • two cups of popcorn (plain), sprinkle with olive oil.
Insights to Sacrifice sleep for the sake of another midnight snack is not a good idea. To eat you can at any time, and to sleep well, usually only at night. But what to do when the time of sleep, and stomach growling? Drink a glass of warm milk and eat a couple of crackers. That will be quite enough to the stomach to hold out until Breakfast.

If you have to eat directly before bed, here are three rules that are recommended to observe:

  • Give preference to the food rich in tryptophan (Turkey, eggs, milk).
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and fatty foods.
  • Eat smaller portions and control the amount eaten. published
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