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If briefly formulate the idea, which is the main coming to me in letters and conversations with people, it's "I know practically nothing about myself, I do not know how to distinguish the true desires from those that were imposed on me by upbringing and by society, I don't know who I am, why am I here and where you're going, maybe you know it?"

No, I don't know more than that, I will say that the psychologists, teachers, parents, friends, colleagues, partners and many others also know nothing about you. Well here ponder how and what you can know about other people, if your whole life you broadcast the game from a role that is not you. Not only that, you mislead, and the environment perceives you the way you used to show.

Requires a high level of awareness, to see in person more than those actions which he commits, and hear deeper than the words says. You need to have an open heart to accept a person's wider role which it caused in the current embodiment, but it can make only those who know themselves, and such people in our society are not yet very many.

Most of us perceive ourselves and others through the prism of the appearance, words, actions, material wealth and social status. Height, weight, skin color, clothes, car, education, position and Hobbies — a standard set of parameters on which our internal computers can read data about themselves and others. But data and settings are not the man himself, each of us much more than what appears on the surface.

"Peak-to-peak in front of you human being a room 2468, click on this button and get in a good mood forever, click on another — understand the purpose, click the third — open heart", "peak-to-Peak, the human being room 1107 brown eyes, it is necessary to engage in social activities, and 2806-go green, we need him to be the Keeper of knowledge and the priest", "peak-to-Peak, 5693 Venus in Taurus and the Sun is still somewhere out there therefore, it is also something necessary" — if it were that simple, dear people.

Yes, and religion and philosophy, science, and art, of course, is very important in human life can give him tips and direction for activities, but it will go a specified road or not, he will be a similar path or not, can be understood only by the man himself.

The best we can do is to expand the horizons, try, make mistakes, correct way to listen to the inner response to the stories and advice of other people, again something to try, again, to err, to fall, to rise and continue. To ask questions, to doubt, to look within ourselves, to observe space and learn to interact with people and the surrounding world, to develop, to try myself in different fields and to choose what is most dear to our hearts, but I have to tell you that the world is so much interesting that all these "samples" you risk to get lost, life goes faster than you realize, what you really useful and interesting, so it is important to prioritize, to shorten the path of the search through the knowledge as well as using the experience of other people.

The problem of modern system of upbringing and education is that the child is given the information necessary for the construction of high-rise building before he was trained properly lay out the Foundation. Without a Foundation your house won't last long, in an edgy design to live very unsafe to collapse at any moment, which is what happens with a huge number of people.

While the man did not understand myself until I met myself, until I realized what was the power and limitations have not yet learned to observe and accept your weaknesses, until it was revealed he really can't, well, just he can not build deep and sincere relationships, to engage in the business of life and do it thoroughly.

Many people live from artificially created roles, don't live your life, not wanting to admit it even to himself. Choose a career, a family, fate, business is not based on deep knowledge about yourself, not because you deliberately went to those areas in which you can best apply your strengths, and just because following some General trends, live "as all" or "not all", followed by "for" moving "against", but here there is no difference.

Follow the form in isolation from the means is simply to lose his life. "Brainwashing" in modern society reaches such incredible proportions, it is no surprise the number is slightly lost in the lives of people. Unsorted fears, nevalennyi trauma, negative experiences of the past forced many of us to quickly run ahead, although it would be good to stop and look around, if I'm running, and is it worth leaving years of my life?

I really want to do business, or I'm just following the trend of the modern world, do not know how to cooperate with other people, do not know how to work in a team, so I want to go to independence and to do things his own way? Maybe I grew up in poverty, so trying to compensate for something from the past, excessively being involved in the process of making money?

I'm actually so hungry I can't stop, or drives me to overcome the fears of the past? I really need five women to make myself feel important by man, or in me still lives a little rejected boy who tries to prove to his parents, elder brother and to the world that it is worth it to be loved and needed?

So you're worth it, there is no need for constant change of scenery and women too. I really want to start a family or I so lonely and empty inside that I'm trying to fill this internal void, at least someone, and, in fact, no matter what? But if I want to start a family for real, and I have something to share with a partner and future children, does it matter who will be the person who agrees to share with you your way?

If I want to adopt children from the orphanage, to save the world, to be a volunteer of charity organizations, pick up on the street homeless kittens and puppies, or so I want to be someone who needs to escape from his own loneliness that I choose to save those who are certainly not able to abandon me and force me to relive my fear of being left alone with yourself?

Really expensive clothes, shoes, equipment and vehicles are those, without which I cannot live, or is it a way to feel a little more importance, to show yourself and others that something I do "stand" and stand a very real large amounts. I'm expensive, so worthy of love and respect.

But you are worthy of love and respect. There is no money in nature, Economics is a big game. In the economy, politics, business, government, and more you can play, why not, this is a great planetary game, which included a large part of the population of our planet, but the game itself has no value, value is only one of the players and their interaction with each other.

What smells do you love? What color do you like? What would you like to do, if you would like me to make money? How much income you need to have enough? What kind of music inspires you? Do you like to walk in the nature? What books impress you? What specifically in them makes you wonder what motivates you to action? What kind of people represent the greatest value in your life? Who associated with the most profound and sincere moments? That gives your life more meaning? What you dreamed in childhood? And what do you have there where you are now?


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You don't have what I need


Mere speeches do not translate words into action. Endlessly over and over in my thoughts about the path, the purpose, that "you have to be yourself", but not enough to change. You need to think, need to change, you need to try. Search your way, to get acquainted with myself, learning to be real, to heal, to awaken, to learn to live deeply and consciously. Nobody will do your inner work. Don't miss your life.published


Author: Dean Richards




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