If you have a heart attack: the point of care for pain

Note the location of these points, they can help you!

Point easily available and very easy to find, so after trying it once and feeling the relief, you ever have not forgotten about it. Very importantly, when suddenly "picked up" heart!

It is situated almost in the middle of the nail plate, closer to the base on the ring finger.

Right pushing you will feel a slight pain if you don't hit exactly on the point, we will understand, as will simply feel the pressure on the entire nail.

And only if you feel a slight prick, then you have found it, you have to press it and hold for a few seconds, release and press again, repeat 5-10 times.

Until you feel better. Relief begins immediately you will feel like the heart "releases".

It becomes easier to breathe, the view clear, the effect is immediate!

Here's another useful point for pain in the heart:

Additional recommendations: Intensive (painfully), but short-term acupressure with the thumb nail or any pointed object biologically active points, located at the base of the nail bed of little finger of the opposite (right) hand.

  • RUB palms one about another. To put the palm of your hand, pads with your thumbs on the ear.

  • To do an intensive rubbing motion up and down.

  • RUB until you feel heat in the auricles, but not less than 20 times.

To stimulate cardiac activity and respiration during alcohol poisoning is recommended acupressure with pressure and rotation of a finger dots for 0.5—1 min.

Point 1 is located in the upper third of the vertical furrows of the upper lip. Massage in the sitting position or lying down.


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Point 2 is located in the centre of the chin-labial furrow. Massage in the sitting position or lying down, along with point 1 — the index and middle fingers simultaneously.

Point 3 is located in the centre of the tip of the nose. RUB between your fingers.

Effective kneading of the auricles on both sides. published


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