The male gaze on the female body

All women want to be beautiful, to be loved by men. It is clear. It is unclear why so many women dreaming about honest love, begins with deception.


I see women, young and old, each beautiful in their own way, with a twist. See how they accept their natural appeal and want to be better, understanding beauty as something very differently. Wind the hair, painted faces, bare feet, thus robbing the beauty given by nature, and becoming pale under the bright makeup, accessories, like faceless Barbie on Miss universe, attracting the same faceless keny for standard short courtship, so, as usual, to be deceived in the end.

©Amina Buddafly

Don't expect the universe Prince, if you can't be a Princess without any cheat.

If bend over backwards to show a model – catch the same Narcissus, zaderet skirt hooked the tights for a grease of a sensualist, I'll go to the nightclub “meat market” – storge cheaply with a disposable hunter, will young – adopt immature boy, want to manipulate – you get the same bouncer or whatnot, again, you will cry into my pillow that men extinct. Not smarter, and the world would sneer in response.

Cheating is a harsh word, for it just lies the fear of appearing unattractive. Here is your gift: there are no ugly women. I have never met. There are only those who are trying to convince us of this. I'm ugly, so look at how I painted lips, eyelashes, as deepened cleavage and exposed thigh. More nothing to me, so all attention is on the screen: the screen is bright, and the screen only wires and dust.

My interest in a woman never to drink. My excitement grows from her body, especially naked. It's interesting, at the wrong time and the wrong place. Attraction happens much deeper, pulls the inner light, the source of which is felt somewhere in the female abdomen.

A man falls in love with nature, nature women, and the face and figure to evoke admiration after.

Poets who sing of the slim stature, plump lips and long eyelashes, just describe the reflection of this light on the woman's body. A man in love will sing well, and the thinness and completeness and he would be surprised by the crumbling of its pre-built non-living images of beauty, I was sure that she was not to my taste.

The most beautiful woman to me pregnant. No matter her external her thoughts inside her, her whole life is directed inside, she listens to herself, stroking the belly, stepping slowly and barely touching me awkwardly. She understands the gift and glows with femininity. Men are changing in the face at the sight of pregnant women, become stronger and richer. It is noticeable and very nice.

My favorite part of the female body – the abdomen. Soft, slightly rounded, a mysterious mound, hiding untold treasures. Here begins the woman, her power, her attraction. No wonder women's practices connected with releasing the stress in the belly, belly dance, belly breathing, and so on.

Mature woman creates the polarity and attracts the Mature male energy.

We men don't perceive beauty in the eyes. It would be too boring. We scan each movement: rotation of the head, gait, position of the knees, sitting, voice. We feel the grace. It is impossible to copy, to buy, to learn from models, which, incidentally, succeeded in mannerisms, but not in grace. Grace is unique, it is endowed with every woman, but can be locked under tight stomach, under bitter beliefs.

I'm sitting in a cafe and watching the women around me. About a hundred comely, ugly, well and the tawdry, in makeup and without, with the squeaky voice or the chest voice. It's just a cafe, sitting there with her friends, and cappuccino. They are natural, in Berlin, in General, little affectation among women. Stop look for any oil focus, looking somewhere through publicity, mannerisms, character. And here we have it: a beautiful woman. I'm starting to feel its attractiveness, its unique value, softness and depth. I understand that if you see her, you can love any of them. The smaller the hide, the easier it is to love.


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A woman easier than a man – she did not need to become someone else, she just has to be, and it is already solid enough, beautiful. Men are single-celled, but only at first glance, we klyuem on what we see, but appreciate completely different. A man will still find, distinguish, decode your beauty, if not to confuse and not to interfere. For every beauty there is a loving fan, poet or Prince, as you wish. It is not necessary to show, to stick out, to distort. It is enough just to be.published


Author: Alexander Baranov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©




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