About the traps of online Dating sites

"The guy is 50 years old, tall, noble, Russian looking for clean, cute, not fat woman strictly to 29 years for mutual pleasure on her teritorries. Without cellulite. Not Commerce".

– Wrote "teritorrii"? I was amazed my friend Lena, the young but promising grammar-Nazi.

– Wrote, and "not fat"? – choked on a olive another friend of Light.

– Do I understand correctly that shabby, not much money, fifty-year-old married man sincerely believes himself a gift for a young slim woman with own living area? – said the third, Lisa. – Where did you find this monster?

– Where, where... On a Dating site, where else, – I replied. And, anticipating your questions, I flew there at her request.

Treacherously pointed a finger at Lena and closed the laptop.

Laugh no one. Because life alone is pretty dull. And meeting "cute and clean" the Muscovite middle-aged decidedly nowhere except on the Internet.

– Stupidity. Cafe, parties, lectures, concerts, mutual friends – on the run listed Light.

– Gym, Bank, shopping Mall, added Lisa.

– You say, on the street, ' said Lena. – In cafés and at concerts are not that now the financial situation. Friends, when you're over thirty, have long intermarried. And actually, you know, someone they marry off? The same losers nobody wants who still live with their mothers and will move only to the same mother, and I don't rush my age to wipe the snot. Gym, Mall, what else is there? As you imagine that? To sit on the bench and wait for me to come up beautiful stranger? So I'm the last ten years and only one thing to do.

– Well, at least thematic sites! Common interests and all that...

– No, well, if I was holding a Corgi, or was fond of sailing, of course, venomously retorted Lena. But I fucking belong in the community "the Best scheme for cross-stitching"! You see a lot of men-lovers of embroidery?

Office, no?

– To have Affairs at work – is the bottom.

– The bottom is a Dating site, – pripechatal Lisa.


To tell you the truth, I'm inclined to agree with the last judgment. And not because "cellulite" and "Commerce," although it is quite awful. Just because you never know who really is on the other side of the monitor. Free charming gentleman with a good job and a husky dog could easily be a pubertal teenager who stole the avatar from the network for povymogat you candid photos. Or pissed at the world the lady who make fun, promoted frankness, and then I'll post in the social network of all correspondence with the remark "Well, what are some of Baba, where the self-respect and all that!" Or, even more likely, vague married guy who just wanted a good time and if you're lucky, noncommittal sex.

In this sense, the metropolis is very similar to a huge masquerade ball: you can choose any mask and not be afraid that it will break at the most inopportune moment. You live in printers, your Internet boyfriend, whoever he was, in Altufevo. Mutual friends you have. The probability of random encounters is negligible. Why not construct an ideal image and using it to cut a certain amount of endorphins?

In fairness, preening way give broadcast not only men but also women. One of my friend posted on a Dating site photo, highlighting her very attractive face, knocked off five years of age and have delicately omitted the fact that weighs one and a half times more than can be seen in the photo. Of course, the same night she got forty years provided the businessman with some extremely respectable hobby. Without a wife, children and bad habits. We chatted, exchanged numbers mobile. The photograph was sent to one, muddy with pretensions to artistry, and, of course, complimentary. But when it came to meeting in person, the girl panicked: he will see that I am older and fatter, he'll know I tricked him what to do, my life is over!

The result went out on a date, her friend was slim and the same color hair. Came back with two news. First: provided the gentleman lied about their security, and about the gentleman too. That is, he is, of course, not bad, just quite different from what was presented online. Modest salary, the replica "Rolex", tried to lie about what "Cayenne" repaired, because I had to go by metro. Second: to understand that before him not the woman he spent a week in a network, the humble owner of a fake "Rolex" took about ten seconds.

– How are you pierced, I gave you to read our correspondence, ' groaned the unfortunate victim of Insta-filters and their own guile.

News number three – said grimly prokolovsheysya, – men are not idiots.

Have you noticed that love by correspondence breaks out much faster and burns hotter? And all because in it is the bait that is often absent in the real world. Called – curiosity. What is so unusual about the meeting at the cafe? Met, looked each other, talked. Everything is clear, simple, fast. While the Internet is a mystery. Read the questionnaire moved into the private messenger, 've gabbed the whole night. Exchanged pictures – it is clear that filters and convenient angle, but imagination will add the rest with a plus sign, not a minus.

It's not a bald spot, is the light of the unfortunate fall. This is not the second chin, and she just nodded. And now after couple of days you expect when a sound notification of a new letter. "How was your day?" Ask you colleague, you think it's just so stupid to stick! But when a stranger sends SMS with the same question, you answer a stupid smiley. "I thought about you", "I'll See you in the Skype", "I never sleep" – a collection of stamps which always works. And now, at your first meeting you both ready: passion, love, "I have a feeling that I know you all my life". No matter what as long as you are caught on a Dating site, it's been a week.

Of course, we're not doing it on purpose. But Dating sites still Mirror of Erised "Harry Potter": we see ourselves for who we would want to be. And trying to get others to see the same. Opening the notebook, ordinary people who just jostled in the subway and bought in the supermarket a kilo of sausages, turning into brilliant beauties, ironic gentlemen, light, witty, free. Just a little lonely.

No great harm in that once in a while to escape from the real world and play a bit in the ideal.

The trouble is that this game does not save from loneliness. But for this she was conceived. published

Author: Alla Bogolepova


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