Business idea – Dating website for seniors

New British Dating site My Lovely Parent ("My favorite parent") is different from the thousand other similar projects. It adult children can pick up a pair... their single parents who are divorced or widowed. More and more people in the UK and other European countries meet old age in solitude. However, they rarely use the computer and, moreover, do not place their profiles on Dating sites.

Now for them it can make their adult children who want to help their fathers and mothers to find their second half. The project of acquaintances for older people was established by two brothers with "a very beloved a single mom 60 years". Users of the site My Lovely Parent can register on the website and create a profile for your a lone parent over the age of fifty years. They study profiles of potential brides and grooms and recommend suitable candidates to their parents. To do this, simply tick the selected questionnaires, and parent receives on your box the letter with detailed information on the potential second half and with a link to a Dating site. And then lonely elderly people decide for themselves whether to proceed communicating outside of the Internet or not.

While the project Dating for seniors My Lovely Parent works in test mode. It will be officially launched next month (this fall). The idea of this business is noteworthy. The main part of Internet users are people under the age of 45-50 years. The older generation in Europe, too, there are computers, but they usually use them to communicate with their family and friends from other cities via email or a special program. They rarely go on any sites and are wary of the Internet as a whole. Projects such as My Lovely Parent attract the attention of a large number of additional users. In addition, the creators of Dating website for older people in detail in his blog all the stages of development of your startup and the difficulties they have in the process encountered – from finding talent to budget website promotion highly competitive subjects.

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