Instagram bypassed by the number of Twitter users

In the coming days there will be confirmed accounts

Nine months ago Instagram reached the mark of 200 million users that are active at least once a month. Today, it is the first time the number has exceeded 300 million, 70% of them live outside the United States. About this reported blog service. According to , Russia is in the top five leading countries in the number of users.

Thus, users photoappendices now greater than that of Twitter (284 million). Do the stars and companies have the opportunity to get on Twitter tick the confirmed account. In Instagram also appears something like that.

It is no wonder that it is now thinking about these measures: the user becomes really a lot, but at the same time there are more and more impersonatory.

Launch shortcuts vindicated account scheduled for the next few days. Judging by information on the support pages , ticks will receive only those who have impersonatora probability is quite high: it will be celebrities and brands.

In addition, the administration Instagram told that now in order to fight spam accounts offending will rub forever, they will not be simply deactivated, as it did before. Most users will not notice anything, except what may slightly reduce the number of subscribers, but this will alert.

Today, "nainstagramleno" 30 billion photos, and every day this number is growing at 70 million - not bad for an application that started out as a project of two people and grew into a global social networking service.

Now Facebook audience coverage monstrously huge: 1, 35 billion users of the site, of which half a billion users of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp at 600 million and 300 million from Instagram.

Instagram - is a free mobile application for sharing photos and videos, best known for its filters. Here is his major milestones development:

  • October 2010: launch on iPhone.
  • December 2010: 1 million users.
  • June 2011: 5 million users.
  • September 2011: 10 million users.
  • April 3, 2012: 30 million registered accounts on the iPhone, run on Android.
  • April 4, 2012: one million registrations with Android in 24 hours.
  • April 9, 2012: 5 million users with Android, the acquisition by Facebook for $ 1 billion.
  • April 30, 2012: 50 million users.
  • February 2013: 100 million users.
  • September 2013: 150 million users.
  • March 2014: 200 million users.
  • December 2014: 300 million users. March of this year, Twitter's user base has increased by only 38 million people, Instagram has grown to 100 million. Most likely, the size difference will only increase.



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