MasterCard will offer its customers online payment cards

Company Dynamics made a deal with MasterCard, in which the operator of payments will предлагать its customers online payment card, developed by the company. Map Dynamics in fact is a electronic gadget in the form factor of a conventional plastic card with a magnetic strip that can be used to manage all user accounts, as well as shopping on the internet and offline. Dynamics recently received a round of financing of 70 million US dollars from MasterCard to develop its main product.

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Map Dymamics is a piece of plastic with an electronic circuit, the unlock button, the indicator light, monochrome display and a battery to ensure the operation of its electronics. The card can be used for online shopping - after unlocking using a simple alphanumeric keypad, the display will show number of the payment (hidden in an inactive state), with which you can make a purchase. In order to pay off in the POS-terminal user does not need to enter the PIN (as is done for security reasons) - After unlocking the owner on its magnetic SVOC will be recorded account number, designed for the purchase, and after some time - away that makes the card when it is lost or stolen, an attacker useless.

In addition to the typical action with the card, it is an electronic gadget that can be programmed to control the user's account and execute the transfer of money between them, receiving or sending of bank payments, currency exchange, and other such operations, which in a similar case would have required at least smartphone installed application bank. Ordinary headache for the owners - the battery - the company claims, there is no charge card every night is not necessary.



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