Cool design of credit cards

Beautiful and interesting credit card and bank beneficial holder priyatny.No and most credit cards are a pretty sad sight. At least, uninteresting. Most banks do not even think about the fact that the beautiful and interesting card can become advertising medium that people are looking at on their own. Of course, in most cases, we choose the cards for the design and for the conditions offered by the bank. But steep credit card can lead to the fact that people interested in the bank and look those same conditions.

A card for cardholders with good design - a kind of self-identification method. Anyway nice to get out of the purse beautiful, unusual thing.
The site has collected the most interesting material credit cards, as serial and individual personalized.

Maps PromsvyazbankBank and the Finnish video game developer Rovio announced the launch of the joint MasterCard plastic cards with symbols of Angry Birds.

Maps EposBolshe all the cool design produces banknotes Japanese Epos Card. They regularly announces a competition and then really let the winning card.

American Express

"Centurion" is considered one of the most beautiful and harmonious cards in the world, with all its mass.

Dubai First

At the center of the map flaunts a real diamond. Banks are very sorry, but if you lose the card, it will not be reissued it for free.

Eurasian Bank

Not only brilliant, but also the most genuine gold. The card good title: «Visa infinite».

Linux and Firefox

For true geeks.

Another Fan karta

Chinese Pignan Bank

Paint your bear as you want.

Bank Of China

Chinese Bank and Japanese Maneki-neko cat.

SPD Bank

The Chinese seem to generally like cartoons on the credit card.

For fans kotikov

For fans zebr

Sport karta

Produced specially for the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Children karta

Maps for network trolley

The coolest Russian kreditka

Bread Card rossiyanina

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