Happy women never rebel

You know, that I had not seen even a single happy in a relationship women that want to protect their independence, to carry on equal terms with a man of gravity, to share equally the difficulties of the business, etc. a Wild, loose woman? Yes please. If you want, of course, and freedom, and running from his nature to arrange. Just see for yourself and see that hundreds of other women — the closer to nature we return, the more you realize what is actually women's lunar nature.

Peace is a basic condition of women. Peace and high self-esteem. In this state you do not want to argue at all. Fight is also not desirable. Because you just know that means "Woman wins without a fight."

Gifts, attention, love? To deserve this? No You don't have anything to earn. Everything comes by itself. It's about the power of feminine humility and trust life.

If you have inside a setting that "about me is, someone to take care of", life in a hurry to show everything in your reality. When you find yourself among men, which are in abundance I give you my warmth and attention, when all the time feel safe and protected, to have a person who is happy to take responsibility for the business and for the family and the solution to all problems around, then, believe me, you do not want any rebellion.

Happy women do not revolt. Happy people are not competing with anyone. And so they are all good. Moreover, a happy woman is unlikely to annoy a position different from her own. Peace and inner peace is a state that is not dependent on external conditions.

But really all that happens in life only when you become a Woman. In female energy is not necessary a lot of effort, everything happens by itself. Because of your gentleness and quiet confidence attract an incredibly brave, generous and confident men. Such is life. It's all about the reflection. And everything in fact. Don't like the environment, look at yourself. Changing yourself changes everything around. Go to the femininity of the male next to her husband. If you don't grow up, it makes sense honest .


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Women's nature is to be a Wife. Women's nature is to be a Mother. Women's nature is about warmth, home, peace, harmony and beauty around. And, of course, about implementation. But it has nothing to do with rebellion against the infringement of your rights by the Mental strength of a woman so great that she doesn't need to make extra efforts. Get exactly what you want. It's about female power. If not, then it is also about female power. published

Author: Dean Richards


Source: put-k-sebe.org/publ/muzhchina_zhenshhina_ljubov/zhenshhina/dina_richards_schastlivye_zhenshhiny_nikogda_ne_buntujut/23-1-0-293


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