This simple technique will help keep the youth for many years

Press on the points of the endocrine glands stimulates the production of hormones that promotes good skin condition, conservation figures. More than four thousand years ago women of Muslim harems, using this technique, preserved the fresh look and appeal.

Affect the endocrine glands in the following way. The neck should be tilted slightly forward and to push the pad of the thumb on the fourth point on the neck (thyroid area) for two seconds (see Fig. 21).

Repeat this pressure five times on each side. Do a full series of pressure left and right three times. Influencing these points, it is possible to prevent early graying of hair. Gives good results using this method while taking a bath.

The attractiveness of a person is largely due to the expressiveness of the eyes. To keep eyes clean, clear and attractive and to achieve rapid elimination of pain in the eyes, headache, heaviness or fullness in the head, arising from the work indoors, reading or excessive sitting, watching TV, carry out the following prescription.

1. Push down with three fingers, placing them along the top edge of the eye socket, toward the eyebrows three times. Make sure that the nails do not touch the skin (Fig. 60).

2. Three times push down on the lower edge of the eye socket downwards.

3. Pads of the thumbs press on the eyelids for about ten seconds. The series will complete a full range of shiatsu for the face.

Additionally, if time allows, can three fingers to put pressure on the zygomatic bone (the trigeminal nerve) or whiskey. If these steps do not produce the desired effect, apply pressure on the area between the top angle and the inner edge of the blades.


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