Want to be happy? Off the Internet

Writer and coach Darius Foro shares rather obvious consideration about how to achieve peace and productivity.


In 2016, life is, frankly, good. The Internet is everywhere: at home and outside it.

The whole world now fits in a smartphone. Sounds cool, right? And here and there.

Most people live so that they do not use technology, and the technology used.

Apps, games, videos, articles, commercials, TV shows — all designed specifically to as long as possible to hold your attention. Not realizing in this report, you're wasting unbelievable amount of hours in a week. Attention is anywhere but where it belongs.

"To be everywhere means to be nowhere" — Seneca

Why do you think Netflix starts to lose the next series in 3, 2, 1 second? Then, you thought, "okay, look for another serico".

The same withYouTube. Why do they bother on the recommendations? So you spend as much time as possible. And so everywhere. There is always the "next" video, series, article, game, movie, anything.

It's funny that most of the readers of these articles know, dispersed attention is a bad thing. And in recent years a huge number of scientific papers and books, proving that distraction is harmful.

The more often you jump from one to the other, the stronger the stress, the dissatisfaction, the less time and effort is required, on the contrary, more.

To keep the attention on one thing is hard. Us always something distracting.

And it's not your fault. All invented to work on the most ancient to your instincts and turn you into a consumer.

So don't try to resist the Internet and new technologies. I bet you've already tried? "I'll never get stuck". Well, Yes, of course!

What, then, would work?

Disconnect from the Internet

And here's why: too much of anything is bad. Even something good.

  • Too much physical exertion? Will become a juicer.
  • Too much love? Stop to appreciate people.
  • Too much work? Burn yourselves out.
  • Too much food? Get fat.
  • Too much water? Die.

So why do you consume so much Internet? If it is obvious that in all other respects should comply with the measure, why not apply the same rule to the Internet?

But the measures in terms of the Internet simply does not exist, it resembles the infinite buffet. Like and ate already, and can't stop. And when I crammed myself just to the limit, the guilt will eat you alive.

That's the same thing with the Internet. He is so seductive, so beautiful, so accessible — everywhere. The course is everything: YouTube, Whatsupp, Facebook, Snapchat and so on.

Better to limit the presence of distractions. But a renegade I become don't want. So I had to find a middle ground.

In the end, there is one way that works.

You just need to go from "Always online" to the state "Always disabled".

In practice it turns out here that:

  • Wi-Fi and mobile data on the phone is always turned off. I turn them on only when I really need.
  • On the computer I installed the app SelfControl (for Mac) and use it when working (you can try FocusMe for Windows). It blocks access to distracting sites, but all the important apps, like Evernote, DayOne or Office365 remain at hand, so the work done can be saved in the cloud.

The "Always online" adds care and productivity.

The principle is the same as with a gym. Or dinner. Or a romantic evening with a loved one. You're not doing this 24 hours a day. No, you spend half-an-hour, well a few hours as the maximum. To devote all my time to one thing just inefficient.

But as "Always off" works wonders. When I used this method, I stopped all the time to reach for the smartphone, check email or read 500 news items a day.

And after some time you will understand that, in principle, nothing missing. This awareness will give you confidence and peace of mind.

Also, I've been more done, made a bunch of useful things, feel more focused and I have more free time which I can spend doing what makes me happy.

In the end, the Internet is just a tool. Although some people think that all life. I am sure that after many years, when I look back on those years, I will not regret that spend on the network is too little time.

Can you imagine? You die and say loved ones: "I glad you saw so many videos on YouTube".

No, of course. You'll look back and think about whether enough time was spent with family and friends. Remember about travel. Or the joy you brought to work.

So stop sitting on the Internet. Nothing but irritation to itself, will not give you this.

After you read this article — stay with me.


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Some time you will chase the phantom pain: 100 times look at the phone; still the same click on the icon Facebook.

But I promise temperance will be compensated, you will make much more. And this, in General, is the whole point.published


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