10 things I have learned to reduce the use of the smartphone

Within three months, the author was not an iPhone over an hour in sutki

When Chris Bailey graduated from a business school, a promising young specialist immediately got two good job offer for a full day. On a similar recent graduates can only dream ... but not Bailey, because the guy had a plan.

Chris decided to devote an entire year to enhance their own productivity, he promised himself during the year to carry out all sorts of experiments, testing advice guru, and coming up with its own challenges, and the results and experiences described in his blog. Action Chris "Year of productivity" has attracted great attention of the press, newspapers and blogs devoted to his experiments entire column, and the author decided not to stop there and continues to lead your blog www.alifeofproductivity.com.

In a company blog published MBAconsult translating findings on the use of mobile phone Baillie, based on one of his experiments.

blockquote> In the past 3 months I used my smartphone only one hour a day: a complex condition, given that the device is seen as a part of me. In fact, before this experiment was like my smart phone sleeve, so it merged with the dress of my life that I could not even imagine life without him. If I saw a book that I want to read, I photographed her to come back to it later. If I really wanted to spend time on the bus ... Try to guess what was going on.

There is a saying that the best design - one that is imperceptible, and it fully applies to my gadget. Over the past few years, my iPhone did a lot of useful things: from the morning wake up to tracking my dream, and eventually it is so entered into my daily routine that has become invisible to me. This is an important part of my life, so I could hardly imagine life without the gadget. Until that moment, I started to experiment, I used the phone for 3-4 hours a day. And now I bring 10 things discovered using a smartphone 1 hour a day for three months.

1. You meet interesting people, if you do not constantly refer to telefonSrazu after I started the experiment, I met a guy named Michael at the bus stop, just because I have not been in the ears headphones. Similar situations happened 2 more times during the experiment.

2. Your smartphone - a device for teleportatsiiVash smartphone - a small black hole in your pocket, which pulls in its funnel tens of times every day. If you pull it while riding in an elevator, on the bus, while you're out, it chip away 100% of your attention, significantly reducing the perception until you are transported back to the destination. I do not know good or bad, but lean toward the first option. Like the practice of meditation, which allows you to develop attention, the mobile phone acts exactly the opposite: scattered focus.

3. Because of smartphones people are much less likely to get bored and it plohoYa noticed that the best ideas come spontaneously, especially when I'm bored. When the brain is bored, he's looking around you fun and ideas in new places. Also head digests old ideas when she was not interested. In my opinion, sticking your smartphone when you're bored, counter-productive effect on the perception, especially in the long term.

4. Using your smartphone distract you much more than you dumaeteIssledovaniya show that "the problems associated with using a cell phone while driving can be compared with those associated with drunk driving." But the point is that people use the phone, not only while driving behind the wheel. They also look at him during a conversation at the meeting when walking on the street when they work. Think about how much attention attracts smart, but because we could spend a lot less time than is commonly believed.

5. Smartphone important, but it degrades your relationship with lyudmiEsli offer me a choice between a cup of coffee with someone tweets or correspondence with the same person, I know I'd rather after his experiment. Text messages, Twitter and Facebook - are interesting and attractive, but if you really want to build a relationship someone better meet with a man, not corresponded with him on the Internet.

6. At the meeting, turn off the cell phone better sovsemAbsolyutno everyone's like you doing with your phone. When I was drinking coffee with a few friends for this experiment, the first thing I did, sitting with them at the table - completely switch off the phone. This action - the perfect way to show how important to you people, and you're 100% listen to it carefully.

7. When people are nervous or anxious about the situation in which they found themselves, once they look at the screen telefonaV next time stepping into the elevator, take a mental note about how many people are "sticky" in the phone, especially if you except there is only one person . When people are worried about the situation in which they find themselves, they almost always try something to occupy your hands and mind - in that they usually have the support of the phone.

8. Use your smartphone normally bespoleznoKak rule, most of the things you do with your phone - a waste of time. These include social interaction, status updates and other things that have a very short shelf life (but, nevertheless, stimulate). I can not say that my smart phone is useless: it is, in fact, one of the most practical gadget in my life. Therefore, you need to spend a little time to figure out what actions will provide a high return, because for the most part, such activity only eats up time.

9. Do you use your phone more often and longer than you dumaeteEsli you make your gadget to perform as much action as I forced her, I bet: you're using a smartphone is much more than it seems. If at the beginning of the experiment, they asked me how long it takes to use devaysa, I would say - 30-60 minutes a day. But just a few days calculations have allowed me to understand that it is not so. In fact, I have used a smartphone for 3-4 hours every day, just because I made him do a lot of action. And this is a decent amount of time that can be spent on something more useful than just using the phone. you'll be surprised how many actually time consuming smartphone.

10. Think carefully about how much you entrust their affairs veschamTeoriya of "work to be done" is very powerful and widespread. According to her, how would you "hire" each individual device, object or even a person, so he did some work. You can "hire" a beautiful, stylishly decorated rooms to make you warm and cozy, morning coffee, to provide themselves with energy and comfort, a life partner for communication and feeling loved, and this site is to make you more productive.

Before the experiment, I entrust most of their tasks smartphone. In particular, its when I gave the following work: Give access to Twitter, send and receive messages, play music, answer a call, count numbers, open the website, run a video game, whether my card Starbucks miscalculated me the bypass route, tell the time ( and to encourage timer) ... In fact, the more work you charge a mobile phone, the more your life will be spoiled when a device disappears.

Understanding how many tasks you charge your devaysu do for you, will help you understand how much space it actually occupies in your life.

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