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A year ago, the weight Andrew Taylor to 152 lbs. Today we can observe an amazing transformation that happened to him thanks potato diet. Twelve months ago he made a promise to myself not to eat anything more, except potatoes. To everyone's surprise, the man kept his word and dramatically changed the diet.

Thirty one million two hundred fifty three thousand seven hundred eighty two

Many have criticized Andrew's, learning about it extreme diet. Some said that this is an unhealthy approach to losing weight, the other was sure not to eat one product a year.

The most effective way pohudenie the man claims that his life changed for the better: "I was in a clinical depression in the past year and food potatoes I actually helped to cope with this. I didn't take any anti-depressants and feel fine, even better sleep.

The last 10 years, I was disturbed by pain in joints from football injuries, but she was gone. Eating only potatoes has improved my life in many ways."

Fifty nine million two hundred ninety nine thousand three hundred sixty four

Andrew admitted that lately he felt a strong dependence on food: "I understand that you are a food addict and it made me think about the fact that if you're an alcoholic, then stop drinking, and if a drug addict, then stop doing drugs. You can not quit there, but I wondered: is there one particular kind of food that I could eat always, and best of all I was approached by a potato»

Indeed, from potatoes the body gets plenty of nutrients, even though everyone knows that it contains large amounts of carbohydrates. This product is a good source of fiber, protein, fat and vitamin C.

Seventeen million five hundred fourteen thousand nine hundred seventy one

Over the past year the man has lost over 50 kg, as of 1 January his weight was 152 kg, and now — of 99 kg. Each day he consumed more than 3 kg of potatoes. During the potato diet, Andrew regularly visited his doctor, who noted a significant improvement in the health of the patient.

Sixty million eight hundred forty thousand eight hundred thirty seven

Andrew on a personal example has shown that the weight problem which can and must be fought. How do you feel about the potato diet? Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments!

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