How to understand that man will become your husband

We went once with a client home together and talked about life. Not that it is already so, about her, about women…

“How, "said," I'm tired of these men who can not please everyone! And as you start to appreciate when in your life there is someone who needs you!”. And it's true... Sometimes when free woman Dating free man, not always an adult and Mature psychologically, there is such a strange dance begins…

Get better woman, say, a few pounds, he will notice, a reprimand will do. And how! He has standards and criteria.

About serious relationship, marriage and family start talking don't you dare, and Bunny was afraid off. They are fearful of supposedly free men.

Sixteen million seven hundred fifty four thousand six hundred fifty

About plans for the upcoming weekend and don't ask, because it limits his freedom. And about where he was and how the day is spent – too gently, let the sweet he wants to share. They do not like free men, when they restrict the freedom.

About calls and messages not expect too much. The man to himself must accustom gradually. A call from him once a week, then every third day, then, of happiness, once a day for five minutes, then suddenly disappeared for a few weeks without explanation... But what? Has the right, he is free.

A woman is exhausting, tiring to the extreme. At some point, and completely discourages anything to start and is killing the faith in love. True in General, because all of these supremely stupid relationship that stretches over years, lead to nothing.

Twenty four million three hundred eleven thousand forty three

When a man wants a woman in every sense, he quickly realizes this and begins to treat the woman differently. She never questioned his attention, his loyalty, his intentions.

She very quickly hear the words “you're my woman,” “I wanna be with you”, “I want to live with you”, “I'll do anything for you” and will feel the power and beauty of male love.

Steam for a short time to go through the stage of uncertainty, which is called open relationship. The relationship will be very defined and transparent.


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A man who loves, says and does shows as she can and does – “we are together”. And this man becomes a husband. With what I congratulate you. published 


Author: Lilia Ahremchik




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