Do these 3 exercises and you will quickly get rid of double chin

In medical language "the second chin" is an excess of soft tissue in podborany region. Most often a problem in women occurs after age 35, when the body starts to undergo hormonal changes and the first signs of skin aging: fine network of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, cheeks become sunken or Vice versa more convex.

Age second chin is often accompanied by another not-very-nice phenomenon, which is popularly known as "bulldog flews" — the skin on the cheeks grows heavy and falls below the line of the zygomatic arch.

Muscle imbalance of neck — the cause of the appearance of double chin.

Sometimes there is a genetic predisposition to the second chin. Also, by nature, it happens in people with a small jaw — the chin is not expressed, and the tissues that are below, nothing to hold on to.

Double chin is a sign of:

  • obesity
  • a sick thyroid,
  • diabetes
  • other internal diseases

So don't be surprised if a beautician will recommend you to consult an endocrinologist, a nutritionist and cardiologist.

Homemade ways to fight probably can be attributed to prevention measures, with a view to move the appearance of age second chin.

However, if you regularly, day in and day to do specific exercises for the muscles of the neck and against the second chin - it will help maintain tone of the chin muscles and avoiding the postponement of adipose tissue in this part.

Such exercises are very effective as with only the emerging and already clearly expressed the second chin.

Moreover, it is one of the ways to cope with a double chin that does not require anything except a little cost of your time.

Today we present you all three exercises from Kiki Says that you can perform anywhere. They will not take much time and the effect will be the "face".

The movie is in English, but they are all pretty clear.

Exercise 1.

Train hyoid muscle. Raise your index finger to the level of the mouth at a small distance from the face. Pull the tongue as far forward as possible, trying to reach the finger and hide it in his mouth. Language try to keep parallel to the floor (not drop down!). Repeat the movement at least 10 times.

Exercise 2.

Widely open mouth, stick out my tongue as far as possible, trying to reach them up to her chin, then to the tip of the nose. The neck muscles are maximally stretched. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Exercise 3.

The back is straight. Pull the neck up and forward as much as possible. Feel how tense the muscles of the neck. Slowly bend your head back until it stops. Return to starting position. Movement repeat 10 times.published


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It is a natural remedy is the best assistant in the fight against aging skin





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