"The bat" and 5 exercises for a perfect neck

Double chin or double chin is a fat Deposit in the chin area of the face, which brings a lot of problems of aesthetic nature of its owner.

It looks unattractive, looks ugly especially on young girls and boys, because it visually disrupts the proportions of the face, because it is not visible, the oval, the chin gets heavy, and the face increases in size.

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Exercises are the most effective methods, the only condition for obtaining the result is a systematic their implementation.

A simple rapid method from Yoshiko Mamada specialist beauty from Japan - an Exercise from the second chin "Triangle of language."

This exercise, according to Mamady, not only jowl, but also corrects the contours of an oval face, and trains the muscles of the neck and nasolabial folds, increases the tone of the cheeks. Therefore, it is called the Express method.

  • Tilt your head back, while you hold your breath, breathe through your nose.
  • The lower jaw pull out and pull it to the ceiling, you will immediately feel how tense your throat muscles and neck.
  • Now pull up the language, you can start to pull it from the root, gradually moving to the tip of the tongue. You should create muscle tension in the larynx, cheeks, chin, neck and hyoid muscles.
  • In this position, hold 10 seconds.
  • After relax, and slowly lift your head, then return to starting position the jaw and tongue.

Special instructions for exercise "Triangle of language": the Handicap emphasizes that language when performing exercises should take the form of a triangle, the tip of the tongue should be sharp, and the base is wide (like a triangle).

To correctly perform this exercise, you will have to practice in front of a mirror: hold your finger to your mouth and try to reach your finger.

With proper exercise, when pulling language tense throat muscles.

Do not forget about the jaw, it needs to be pushed forward and upward during the exercise. Not just extended and extended with tension.

If you exercise 2 times a day (morning and evening) for 10 seconds, within two weeks, then its effect will certainly surprise you.



Exercise "head Tilts"
  • Careful rhythmic movements follow the head tilts forward, chin touching the chest, then tilt head back, to feel the tension in the neck.
  • Do 10 repetitions.
  • Then tilt the head left and right, trying to touch ear to shoulder (10 repetitions) and circular movements of the head (left and right).

Exercise "Giraffe"
  • Stand up straight, straighten your shoulders and pull them up to the voltage down, while the head pull it up.
  • Hold the tension for 10 seconds and relax.
  • Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

Exercise Bat
  • It should lie across the bed, head hanging down, legs keep together.
  • Raise your head and look at the toes of his feet, his head down.
  • Breathing arbitrary.
  • Raise and lower the head until the neck muscles are not tired.

Exercise "a Long tongue"
  • Pulling the tongue, try to touch the tongue to the tip of the nose, then pull the tongue toward the chin. After try to drawing eights in the air.

The exercise of "enunciation"If you say the vowels "U", "I", "o", "s" with muscle tension, loud and clear, that this exercise firming effect on the muscles of the cheeks, chin, throat.

Make it yourself, say the word, straining the muscles of the larynx and neck.


Exercise from double chin "Voltage language"
  • Alternately push the tip of the tongue on the upper gums on the bottom.
  • Feel the tension of the chin muscles and hold it for 10 seconds, then relax.
  • Do so several times. published

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