Remove muscle clamps: Positive Points and 6 useful exercises

The body and the psyche are inextricably intertwined, and emotions affect physical health and Vice versa, the state of body affects the psyche.

Psychosomatics is the area of psychology that studies this relationship. Affecting bodily sensations, bodily health, and through it and on the brain, you can change your emotional state.

We offer to your attention a few simple physical exercises help to relieve stress.


Cross-stretching or cross-Kroll

Not leaning forward, you must reach the fingertips of the right hand to the fingertips of his left leg (the left leg raise, and the right is on the floor). Then, Vice versa, the left hand stretch to the right raised leg. Then again with his right hand drawn to his left leg. To do 4-8 pairs of movements. It is advisable to do exercise at a slow pace, while paying attention to how the muscles of the abdomen. After a little drink of water. You can perform standing and sitting.

Why is this exercise useful? Because including simultaneously both the right and left part of the body, it improves megalocornea interaction. The right hemisphere is largely responsible for emotions, and the left one is more responsible for logical thinking. When the connection between them is good, then logic and emotion are mutually cooperating and people more resilient to stress.


The exercise is done very slowly. Take the thumb of the left hand and right hand as if pulled on a little ring (so, in a circular motion massaging the finger). Do the same thing with the other fingers.

When all the fingers of the left hand put an imaginary ring, then in a circular motion as if worn a tight bracelet on his left hand. Bracelet gradually pulled higher and higher, to the shoulder joint. Then repeat the same on the right hand. After exercise to drink some water.

Exercise improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure, increases activity and helps to focus.

Massage the ears or the thinking cap

Two hands massaging the ears (the left-left and right-right), gently pulling the auricle to the head. Massaging from the top down, when he reached the earlobes, slowly pulling it down. Repeat about 4 times. After the exercises take a little SIP of water.

By the way, what for to drink water? It is a good conductor of an electrical signal, and the nervous system works by transmitting electrical signals through the nerves. Therefore, water is essential for good transmission of signal. Dehydration reduces the energy potential of the body and contributes to triggering the stress response.

Button brain

One hand (soft and relaxed) are placed on the chest (at the level 2 and 3 rib, under the clavicle) and gently massaging, the other hand quietly lies near the navel. A little massaging (0, 5 — 1 minute) and change hands. When performing this exercise think should be free to move around the room. After the exercises take a little SIP of water.

This exercise helps to improve blood circulation (including blood flow to the brain), thereby improving perception, attention, increased levels of energy.

A positive point

Put the index and middle fingers of the left and right hands on a positive point on his forehead. They are midway between the hair line and the eyebrows, and the vertical location of the points in the middle of the pupil. Hold them there until the occurrence of mild tingling under your fingers or sensations of heat and pulsation. After the exercises take a little SIP of water.


Put your left hand on your right shoulder. Exhale the sound "Uh" at the same time slightly compress the muscle of the shoulder and make a small movement of the head forward. Also when performing this exercise it is necessary to gradually turn my head after each "Yi" a little to turn his head from side to side. Make about 3-10 "Wow" massaging the right shoulder and the same, massaging his left shoulder with his right hand. After the exercises take a little SIP of water.

Thanks to this exercise can release tension in the shoulders and neck, which improves blood flow to the brain. Due to this aktiviziruyutsya energy, increases focus.

ALLERGIES: disease or software failure,Sore throat — check out the bowel!Energy yawn

Put your fingers palms on the place where it joins the upper and lower jaw. Imagine that you yawn, open your mouth widely and yawn and massage the fingers of the above places.

In this case try to pronounce the long sound of "waaa-in." Repeat 3-6 times. After exercise take a small SIP of water.

Exercise relieves muscle clips on the face helps to relax the eye muscles and thus reduce bodily stress.published





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