WHAT is dyslexia from the point of view of kinesiology

According to some scholars, the predisposition to dyslexia has, every tenth inhabitant of the planet.

In the mid 60-ies of the medical community believed that disorders of learning, associated with lesions of the brain.

So, do not how to read or write, perestavaya words, letters, symbols, or miss whole sentences of people took to the sick and as the only method of treatment offered drugs as well as hyperactive behavior.

Everyone who was diagnosed dyslexic, expect a bleak future.

In the early 80s researchers have discovered a new theory explaining the impaired function of training.They announced that this issue occurs as a result of "the inability of the right and left hemispheres of the brain for integration". Response to desicisions dysfunction of the training focused on consciously controlled activity of the right hemisphere of the brain, doing the exercises, cross-coordination and a positive supportive environment, which is to conduct training with the aim of integrating and balancing the two hemispheres of the brain.

The method of the "Single brain" provides a completely different approach to the definition of dyslexia, mechanisms of its development and identify methods of correction her real reasons.

Very rarely dyslexia caused by brain damage that affects the perception and understanding of speech and language.

But in almost every case, "the dysfunction of learning" known as "dyslexia", develop as a result of emotional stress, obtained during training, the stress is so intense that individual learning programs are in a "dead spot" out of fear, pain or fear of pain.

Dyslexia is the result of denying the person the opportunity of training in a specific area of life experience. This denial comes from a conscious choice made in a moment of intense stress. It's just a neurological function, not a disease.

Dyslexia does not limit life opportunities. Even when the cause of dyslexia are physical trauma, tumor, etc., the human mind can find a way around the "dead points of perception".

It is well known that most people with dyslexia are becoming remarkably creative individuals, when reality dictates to solve, not to mention to hide the "problem". Saying that "I'm just not well read, so I don't read too much." Or, "I have bad handwriting, so I type on the computer" etc..

Of course, such a denial cannot fix the situation. In fact, denial of a problem, like a snowball, contributes to the denial of many other problems in the future. Most people would sooner accept a curtailing of their capabilities and abilities than admit that they need help. In fact, in the neurological system, which is so wonderful, like ours, a state of limited abilities should never be a dead end. Puts us in a dead end, so it's emotional stress, which we reckon to have "fixed the problem".

The fact that each of us has dyslexically dysfunction of learning. No matter how we read, write or believe. Somewhere in the development process we encountered the "concrete wall" emotional, all-encompassing stress and make the choice to be against some areas of learning. Moreover, since, as we have rejected the possibility of learning a particular subject, we made a conscious choice.

This choice of the negation of their own capabilities have set us on a daily entanglement "traces" until then, until someone discovers we are far from their best opportunities.

In order to delineate the problem, it should be noted that our choice of denial was made so long ago that most of us "can't remember" when or why it did.

In "the heat of strong emotions", in particular fear, pain or fear of pain, we connect the ability of an organism to perceive with our inability to survive in a given situation, and choose the blindness in relation to the causing factor: "not only to experience no more pain."

Since this merger occurred in the past, you need to find a way to bring in a ready state of neurons memory, which "have been instituted" at the time, and eliminate the negative emotional charge, they are supportive.

Without addressing the causes lying in the past, the correction is made in the present, short-acting, until the next stressor. The system of "one brain" communicates directly with the neurons that store the memory of the past to free the future from the negative emotional charge, which blocks the perception.

We, therefore, with the help of muscle testing, set the real truth of the blockade, which exists in the present. It automatically fixes all related memory from the past. "The return of the age" to determine when chronologically we bring together the negative emotional charge and problems of perception.


Special technique: 10 minutes a day and you will forget about the disease!Hippocratic face: What can you tell us about the health of features and complexion of the person

Dyslexia (except clinical cases) almost always occurs due to the disconnection between the anterior and posterior divisions of the dominant hemisphere of the brain. Reacting to negative emotional charge, the dominant hemisphere of the brain ceases its full, balanced operation, replacing it with a desire for physical/emotional survival, which leads to functional minimal use of brain capacity.published

according to the materials of the seminar Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside "Correction dyslexically disorders learning abilities and integration of the brain"



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