How to find inner freedom

Every person in public and family life has rights and obligations.

But the reality is a bit of an imbalance: the duties we have to fulfill, willingly or unwillingly. The duty control by the "competent authorities" and self-control keep us at a precise level.

And rights is not so simple. On the one hand, our inner subjective desire – on the other hand, concern: is it possible? what others say? and suddenly it's not all like that?

And what? In such entangled networks, to live life?

How many people can afford not to fall in this "obscure"? Let's think together.


Each of us is entitled to their own opinion.


Since all people are different – to the extent their opinions differ from each other, as desires, and tastes, and needs. The child's opinion may be incorrect due to lack of experience, desire it may be late, but to ignore them is impossible. Ignoring the views of the child, parents miss the opportunity to create a family atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation, build a sense of a unified team where each member is valuable, respected and important. Is it any wonder the protest moods of a teenager, his desire to act contrary to the opinion of adults, both parents and teachers?


Each of us has the discretion to decide what to do, what to feel.


If you work unjustly wronged you and rebelled, rashly uttered a lot of nonsense, and in the evening disrupted their anger on loved ones – you can understand? to justify? support? Of course, you have the right.

Why in a similar situation you do not recognize the same right for your child? Why scold him? bring in an example of exemplary children?

You are wrong, quarreling; no he was right, having started the fight – will be responsible for his restraint. Why poison the atmosphere in the family?


Each of us has a right to be wrong.


After an erroneous action is the same rewarding experience as correct. Therefore, you should not dramatize any mistake of the child – he's not worth it. Otherwise, you can in response to lies as a protective reaction.

Almost every family can sometimes be "feast of the first drink or the first cigarette". And not always the child can conceal the unpleasant consequences of this "Dating". You can play tragedy or melodrama. And also to sympathize, to share their own experiences, to remember their feelings and to discuss possible situations of temptations, their effects and behaviors.

All people have weaknesses. We are not perfect. It is not necessary to require a mandatory apology. It is not necessary to force the child is sure to feel the guilt.


Each of us has a right not to feel guilt for their actions.


If the feeling of guilt for some unseemly act is your own decision, we are talking about your relationship with his own conscience. But if your guilt is more of an opinion, if your behavior is not like the colleagues, neighbors – you may decide to pay attention to it or not.

In the family quite often someone from the household feels a sense of guilt: not told, not so put, overdone, not bought bread... But you can live without guilt. If the parents and their child a soul for three, they always had each other will understand and not judge. A Threesome is easier to survive in all life's trials. And when parents are worried about "what people will say," they are on different sides of the barricades.


Each of us has the right to change their beliefs, perceptions.


Probably all of us in life there are moments when habitual behaviors, habitual thoughts cause unpleasant situations. Circumstances change and we need to change something. Ours is representative of the new time, and raise it as it did to us by our parents, not out. Do not be afraid of changes in his character. We raise our children, and the children bring us: they help us to unlock the potential, inherent Nature; to allow the new feelings and thoughts to manifest in our soul.


Each of us has the right not to allow others to manipulate them.


These manipulations start from childhood: eat this, wear that, not to make friends with those – better than this, sign up in this section. And in the end – go to this College, marry...

All of us decide to parents and spouses. An infantile person such model of existence is quite enough, and matured – as a straitjacket. So use the right to build the life of their choice. You are not a puppet! This is the concept of form in their children.

We can all live in mutual understanding and harmony. Respecting their rights and the rights of others to self-determination and self-expression, we gain inner freedom.published


Author: Mila Alexandrov


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