Why one and the same act you condemn mom and dad are on hand

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A blogger from Australia and a mother of three children Constance Hall (Constance Hall) shared the story of how different people react to the same act committed mom and dad.

Although this story is told with humour, it makes you wonder: why for the same actions we read moms notation, but praise dad?

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I had Breakfast in the company of a friend, when my daughter snow it took to change a diaper. I went with her to the ladies room, but there was not a changing table. The restaurant where we had Breakfast in the Park, so I just moved as far away from people and changed my daughter diaper.
It would seem, so what? But after half an hour I was approached by a woman and said, "I saw you were changing the diaper of your daughter, could you next time do it in the right place?»

I answered that in the toilet of the restaurant didn't have a changing table. The woman said that he was in a disabled toilet, which is located "somewhere behind that corner." I told her that next time will definitely follow her advice. And felt like a loser.

Next weekend my family was in the same Park. This time the diaper needed to change my son Rumi. I told my husband: "bill, your turn now", and her husband dressed son in the Park without a changing table. By as time passed a group of women and one of them went into raptures: "Oh, what a good daddy!". Bill felt like a superhero.

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I'm not too worried, because I got used to it.
I used that for the same things they criticize me, and my husband's praise.
I've learned that if I pick up the kids from school five minutes later, awarded me nasty looks, but when bill does the same thing, it almost spread a red carpet and greeted with a standing ovation just for the fact that it appeared at all, whether in time or not.

Just now, as I write these lines, my husband went to the supermarket, taking our three children. Of course, after seeing it, people will be touched: how lovely — dad with kids buys the groceries! But when going to the store for me, I'm just "doing my job". That's how our society — we have too much pressure on women, forcing them to be "perfect" and selfless in everything, and at the same time, almost nothing is expected of men as parents.

I'm not saying that we should not encourage men. On the contrary, I love it when bill praised for what he does for our children. He's a good dad, why would once again him not to mention it? But let's praise each other too, let's look at the woman with a stroller that talking on the phone, and instead of condemning, let's think about it this way: "She chose not to sit at home, buying things online and sipping cocktails, and brought her child to the Park — she is a good mother."

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