Baby Pearl

The five-year daughter - my mother was trying on a new fur coat:
- Mommy! What are you in this beautiful coat!
- Really? .. - Happy mom.
- The Truth. You're in it for like shepherd!

Asks the son (3 years 10 months): "Sasha, how many kids do you want when you grow up?" "How many wife hatched, so many will be ...»

In minibus man gave way to a woman. And I have the following dialogue took place with a three-year daughter:
- Mom, why uncle gave place?
- Because he's a man.
- And other uncle's tired of being men?
You should have seen the proud man's face!

Today son (6 years old) came up and said:
- Life has no meaning.
- Why?
- The teeth fell out ... Who am I now need?

Feed Radu (2 years 8 months) with a spoon and persuade:
- Well, let's for my mother, for the Innu!
Daughter chewed for about five minutes, I say it again:
- Come on now for Luba!
Radmila, pointing to his more mouthful says:
- Hang On. There's still Inna.

Kate was 2 years old - glorious period of ownership, when all "mine" - my pot, my dad, my toys, etc. Walking with my dad in the backyard. Dad teases her:
- My Tree!
- No-oo, this is my tree!
- My shop!
- No-oo, this is my shop!
- My hydroelectric! - And waits as docha react to difficult and unfamiliar word.
Katya thought and thought, and casually, so answers:
- And I do not need him!

Ilya (4 years) stands at the door to the bathroom, where his dad takes a bath:
- Dad, what are you doing there?
- Greyus.
- You're lying on the battery, yes?

Anya, 4 years old, after seeing newly born kittens:
- Oh, how pretty, so similar to mice, only the face and determines that it is the people!

My sister was 4 years old. It is a long time listening to the debate mom and dad, and then says, "Dad, do what you like, but my mother said».

Xenia, 5 years
Dress and tied her scarf.
- Do not fasten tight, I just ate!

The life of our kindergarten. On physical education educator says Sasha (4 years):
- Heels together, toes apart.
- I can not - said Sasha.
- Why? ..
- What is the "heel" I forgot, and socks to wash usnesla mom and I today in pantyhose ...

Collect her son for a walk, shoes boots, to accelerate the process decided to help:
- Come on foot.
Son leg raises, it seems to me that the wrong. I say:
- Let the other!
He submits another. I understand that the first time he was right back to him:
- Let the other!
Son surprised looks around, shrugs and says:
- And no more!

Sister fell in kindergarten and hit the elbow. Sits in the car and said:
- Today I fell and did not cry! Mom, I'm ready to give birth!

Dima (3 years 9 months) unwraps a piece of candy.
- Dim, share with me?
- No. I can not!
- Why?
With a satisfied look:
- Because I - meanie!
- Is it well - be greedy?
- H-at ... - dozhёvyvaya candy - not bad !!!

- Mom, what kind of soup ?!
- Pickle. Eat.
- I do not feel like cucumbers.
- Well, that's the same swim.
Hear - crying.
- What happened?
- They do not swim !!! They do not move!

Check the hearing of the doctor in the clinic. The doctor whispered:
- Candy.
Seva (3 years), also in a whisper:
- I can not - allergy ...

Son (5 years) bathed, walked out of the shower, and shouted: "Mom, I washed!". Then, more quietly, look in the mirror: "First - I washed, then - I shaved, then - I married" - sigh - "So life will be held ...»

In the shop today to give change and Five fell. I say small:
- Bunny, lift up, please.
Then the man next to lifts and gives me with the words:
- Of course, I do not Bunny ...
Small, so indignantly:
- Why then raised?

In the morning we go to stop Vanya am (3 years 3 months) on hand:
- Mom, what? ..
- Wan, calm down, and me so hard!
- Mom, what? ..
- Wan, leave me alone with your questions, get in the bus, ask.
- Mom, why are you not wearing my shoes !!!

The child brings from kindergarten unfamiliar machine toy. Ask:
- Where did you get the machine?
- And ... that we Vovka changed ...
- Vova gave you a car, and you gave it to him?
Thinking answers:
- Neck gave ...

- Thea, you lepish plasticine, my girl, flower?
- No.
Continues to mold thin vertical stick.
- What? Tree?
- No.
- What is it?

The family waiting for the addition. Lisa (5 years) asks his mother:
- What have you got the stomach more and more?
- Ate watermelon seed swallowed, now in my stomach growing new watermelon! - Responsible mother.
Lisa squints and rests his hands on his hips:
- And is not pregnant are you, darling?

Send before dinner son (3 years) to wash their hands. Standing and holding hands under running water. I say:
- My hands, their three.
Looked at me like I was abnormal:
- Their two.

Ask Vityusha:
- You keep the house what some animals?
Proudly answers:
- Hold on! Cat and frozen mackerel! ..

Egor, 4 years:
- Mom, who I will be when I grow up?
- And what do you want?
- The driver. And who will be the daddy when he grows up?
- Since it has already grown.
Child, puzzled:
- Has grown? And why do we feed him?

I asked the daughter (4, 5 years):
- What are you playing in the garden?
- In "Let's get married!»
- And who came up with this game?
- Artem.
- Strange ... Usually boys play with cars and soldiers, and Artyom came up with "Let's Get Married»?
Docha very seriously:
- Well ... Because smart boy - he knows that girls have to.

- Mom, how do you know that the cat is sick?
- On the nose ...
- And if you do not have diarrhea?

Son, stroking a cat muzzle on playing saying: "Musenka, you know, in the human world, women with mustaches are not very much and appreciated!»


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